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April 2, 2018

AVOXI Launches New Unlimited Call Recording Service Packages for Virtual Numbers

New call recording service packages offer cloud-based, long-term recording solutions easily managed and accessed through cloud PBX online portal.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA—AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions in the international market, recently announced its new unlimited call recording service packages for virtual phone numbers. Offered in 30-, 90-, and 365-day bundles, the packages come with unlimited minutes per month instead of charging by the minutes used for recording time.

The cloud-based call recording system from AVOXI allows businesses to gain insight that helps managers maintain quality and productivity standards by recording and listening to calls. The information gathered is valuable for measuring customer satisfaction, addressing customer issues, and coaching service representatives on customer engagement. As a hosted service, there is no expensive equipment to purchase and maintain. Additionally, the cloud-based recording system adds full redundancy by providing an easily accessible backup service to clients with an existing on premise solution.

“We are excited to offer this solution to customers—enabling them to easily, quickly and cost effectively save and access call recordings for multiple timeframes. Our customers helped us design these new packages—a natural extension of our virtual number software service,” stated Pablo Torres, Senior Product Manager at AVOXI.

AVOXI includes long-term call recording service with each virtual phone number. The online portal for AVOXI Core, AVOXI’s cloud PBX platform, allows customers to manage their package settings, access recordings, and listen to selected calls on demand. To introduce the new packages, AVOXI includes a free, 30-day trial with each new number starting April 1, 2018.

“We heard from our clients, that they prefer our recording solution over other options including premise based systems,” explained Jonathan Imes, Senior Director of Sales. He added, “One client told us that they access our call recordings as a backup solution at least once a week because the recordings are easier to get to and more consistent than their on-site PBX-based solution.”

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