Call Tracking

Know where your inbound calls are coming from with the call tracking feature.

Know What Makes Your Phone Ring

Your best leads won’t always fill out a form or send you an email. Even in today’s digital world, many prospects prefer to pick up the phone and call your business directly.

But in order to improve your marketing efforts and grow your business, you need to know where your best inbound leads are coming from. If you are using just one phone number with no call tracking, it can be hard to tell which of your advertising efforts prompted your prospects to call. And if you don’t know what is driving your leads, you won’t be able to generate more of them.

By using different phone numbers for different lead sources and campaigns, you can know where your best leads are coming from, and determine which campaigns are most profitable for your business.

Why Choose the AVOXI Core Call Tracking Feature?

When it comes to call tracking software, there is no shortage of options. So, why choose the AVOXI Core Call Tracking feature?

Number Availability

AVOXI can provide local and toll free phone numbers for over 120 countries at competitive rates, which is ideal for customers who manage global advertising campaigns.

Streamline Business Operations

You don’t have to buy yet another software application to gain the benefits of call tracking. AVOXI’s call tracking functionality is a simple add-on to the AVOXI Core cloud PBX system.

Minimize Marketing Costs

Call tracking software can be expensive. AVOXI offers call tracking as an affordable add-on starting at $5.00 per number.

How Does the Call Tracking Feature Work?

Call tracking is simple. All you need is a phone number with call tracking enabled for each lead source that you wish to track. Create campaigns that match up to your lead sources in the AVOXI Core User Interface and then map them to the corresponding phone numbers.

Your call data will automatically push into Google Analytics as an event. To track your phone call events as conversions, you simply create goals in Google Analytics that match the campaigns you created in the AVOXI Core User Portal.

Start Tracking Your Calls

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