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Keep your toll free phone numbers, even when you change providers.

Keep your toll free phone numbers, even when you change providers.

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Today’s businesses don’t stay with the same toll free service provider forever. Whether your company is looking to cut costs, get better support, or access more features, you may have to switch providers to do so. Thanks to toll free RespOrg services, you can keep your phone numbers—even as you move to a new provider.

What is RespOrg?

RespOrg (Responsible Organization) refers to a business that maintains registration for toll free phone numbers in the United States. Since the FCC established RespOrg in 1993, more than 350 carriers, brokers, and toll free service providers have joined its ranks.

As a Responsible Organization, AVOXI has over 16 years of experience managing and transferring toll free numbers for our clients. Should you choose to use our VoIP services, our capable team can help you keep your toll free numbers and ensure that the transition is seamless.

Why Keep Your Toll Free Number?

A toll free number is an important tool for businesses of all sizes. They allow prospects and customers to contact you free of charge. For many companies, they also serve as a valuable extension of the brand. This is especially true for vanity toll free numbers.

No Need to Change Marketing Materials

When you keep your toll free number, you also preserve the investment you’ve made in marketing materials, such as brochures, business cards, or any other documentation that showcases your toll free number.

Consistent Customer Experience

Don’t expect your customers to learn a new number when you switch providers. Keeping your number means fewer missed business opportunities.

Keep Your Vanity Toll Free Number

Good vanity toll free numbers are hard to come by. If you’ve found a memorable, relevant vanity toll free number, you shouldn’t have to give it up because you’re changing providers.

How Do I RespOrg My Toll Free Number?

The RespOrg process, also known as number porting, is fairly simple. To transfer your toll free number(s), you will need a Letter of Authorization completed by both your business and the new carrier. If your current provider releases the number as requested, the transfer process only takes 3 to 7 business days.

For best practices on the number porting process, visit our Number Portability service page and our post on How to Port Your Phone Number from One Carrier to Another.

What Happens If My Carrier Refuses to Release the Number?

In most cases, carriers will release a toll free number when they receive a RespOrg request. However, some might refuse to transfer the number. When this happens, your business must involve the National Administration Service Center (NASC). A NASC forces the release of a toll free number without the current carrier’s consent.

When you RespOrg a number, there is no associated fee. However, a NASC incurs additional costs upon transfer. Talk to your new carrier about potential costs before you request a NASC transfer.

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