How to Obtain a Call Recording

Learn how to obtain a call recording using Smart Queue.

Obtain Call Recordings to Monitor, Evaluate, and Assess Calls

Call recordings are a great way to monitor calls. You can use call recordings to evaluate the effectiveness of your agents, or document persistent customer inquiries or complaints.

In this article, we will show you how to obtain a call recording using Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center solution. You can also download this guide and save it to your computer for future use.

To obtain a call recording, first select the queue that you wish to review. Select the time range from which you wish to obtain a recording under the Quick Activity reports section.

obtain a call recording 1

After the report generates, select the Answer Details tab, which is labeled as Ans. Dt.

obtain a call recording 2

Find the call you wish to obtain a recording of under the Queue Details section. Click the magnifying glass icon to the right, and a new window will appear.

magnifying glass

Click on the tab labeled QA. Under the QA (Quality Assurance) tab, you will find additional information about the call. Click on the link under Audio Recordings and your call recording will begin to play.

obtain call recording 3

Right click on the browser window of the recording and select the Save option to save the recording to your computer.

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