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Virtual Call Center Software

Increase agent productivity and improve your call center operations with virtual call center solutions.

Virtual remote call center solution

Smart Queue® Virtual Call Center Software

AVOXI’s cloud-based, virtual call center solution, Smart Queue®, offers a cloud-based call center platform tailored to your unique business requirements. Using open-source technology, Smart Queue provides comparable contact center features and functionality as found in costly proprietary platforms at a fraction of the cost. As a virtual solution, AVOXI’s team handles the upgrades and maintenance. You focus on your business without the software and hardware worries. Fully scalable, easily add new users and increase user productivity by providing easy access to features and capabilities.


Start & Grow

$25 per month
  • Call Recording

  • Time of Day Routing

  • Real Time & Historical Call Reporting

  • Basic IVR

  • Call Queues

  • Remote Agent Capability

  • Free Softphones

Take Flight

$35 per month
  • Start & Grow +

  • Live Call Monitoring

  • Call Whisper/Call Barge

  • Quality Assurance Evaluations

  • Pre-determined Call Disposition

  • Custom Report Builder

  • Agent Performance Tracker

Without Limits

$55 per month
  • Take Flight +

  • Complex IVR

  • Queue Callback

  • Blacklisting

  • VIP Caller

  • Automated Report Distribution

  • Geographical Call Routing

As mentioned, our hosted solution provides the same features and functionality as proprietary call center platforms – at a fraction of the cost. That means you add more to your bottom line with AVOXI Smart Queue®. Our competitive virtual call center pricing allows businesses of all sizes to spend more time and resources on what matters: their customers.

In addition, AVOXI offers international toll free numbers in 120+ countries. You gain the full benefits of our virtual number availability at highly competitive rates. We maintain a full inventory of numbers to quickly provision your needed phone numbers. Plus, using virtual numbers use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology that greatly reduces your per minute charges for calls.

Why Choose Smart Queue® Call Center Solutions?


Minimal Capital Investment

Virtual call center solutions require no on-site equipment, so you don't spend a fortune on equipment and installation costs.

Remote Agent Functionality

Smart Queue® is hosted in the cloud, so you and your agents work from anywhere with a reliable Internet connection.

Cost-effective Scalability

Add or remove agents easily as your business scales up or down. No need to purchase on-site equipment for new employees.

Essential Call Center Features

From live call monitoring to custom reporting, Smart Queue® has the features you need to manage a successful call center.

Rapid Deployment

Deploy your hosted contact center solution in days, not weeks or months. Turn up is quick, easy, and affordable.

24/7 Phone & Email Support

Whether you have 5 or 50 agents, we have you covered. All Smart Queue® customers have access to 24/7 phone and email support.

Ready to see what Smart Queue® can do for your business?

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Connect with Customers Around the Globe

A virtual call center solution from AVOXI helps you communicate with customers anywhere: from Shanghai to Bogotá to Mumbai to Main Street. That's because we operate our global call center software solutions with real-world challenges like reduced Internet access in mind, and we leverage the best technology across rural and urban regions.

Fully Hosted Cloud Call Center

Because the Smart Queue call center platform is hosted in the cloud, you and your agents can work from anywhere. No hardware. No on-site equipment. No hassles. And, our cloud call center system gives you the ability to know what agents are doing at all times—on-premise or remote.

"Easy to use and support is always available to answer my questions”

Holly E. - CF

remote agents can work from anywhere using cloud communications

Flexibility to fit your business

Smart Queue allows you to set up custom call routing based on your business requirements. For example, if you operate a 24-hour customer service line with agents around the global, you can easily route inbound calls based on time of day making sure you never miss a call. 

Smart Queue Call Center Diagram

Call Center Performance Using AVOXI's Virtual Call Center Solution

A successful call center requires measuring performance—agents, call wait time, call resolution, and more. And, a virtual call center solution provides features and services similar to proprietary systems at a much lower cost. You gain the advantage of a complete contact center solution while realizing significant savings.

AVOXI’s call center platform, Smart Queue, offers pre-built reports and dashboards to enable performance tracking through its live and historical reports. You gain insight into how the call center performed historically and how your agents performed. That insight lets you benchmark performance and set improvement goals against which you measure—productivity, first call resolution, and more. Data-driven decisions help increase efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.

Through the data presented in the reports, AVOXI’s cloud-based call center solution helps you establish your specific set of key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your industry, size, and purpose of the call center. Whether inbound—calls coming to you, outbound—calls made by you, or blended—a combination of inbound and outbound calls, you have the quantitative and qualitative measures to establish your own set of KPIs and ensure the success of your contact center.

Sample Metrics

  • Average speed of answer: amount of time for a call to be answered during a specified timeframe
  • Average wait time: average combined time a caller waits in the queue before agent is available including time a caller is on hold
  • First call resolution: percent of calls where agent resolves the caller’s inquiry or issue during the first point of contact
  • Average call duration: average of the length of time agent spends on a prospect or customer call
  • Average handling time: uses average call duration and after call work divided by total number of call to identify amount of time agents spend on a call overall
  • Schedule adherence: visualized as a percentage, schedule adherence is the time a call center agent is available divided by the time the agent is scheduled to work

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