416 Area Code Numbers

You ask and we answer the most common questions about 416 area code numbers! What is a 416 area code number, why are they so rare, and how can you get your own 416 phone number for business or personal use? 


Area code 416 is synonymous with Toronto, and if you want customers to perceive your business as established, or for friends to know you as a true Torontonian, you need a phone number that begins with 416. A 416 phone number conveys belonging, authenticity, and the power to make things happen in Toronto.

In recent years, buying and selling 416 phone numbers has become a hot business. Some 10-digit phone numbers sell for as much as $2,000 — and that’s before purchasing the phone service to use that number.

It’s not enough to have a 647 area code if you want to position your business as the best in your industry in Toronto. But before you go spending thousands on a 416 number, there are some things you should know. Read on for everything you need to know before pulling the trigger on a 416 number.

What and Where is the 416 Area Code?

In case you missed it in the intro, 416 is a Toronto-based area code. But to really appreciate it, you need to understand its history.

The prestigious area code dates itself back to 1947 when The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission introduced 416 to the Golden Horseshoe. Area codes can support about 8 million seven-digit phone numbers, so the Commission thought it would be many decades before Toronto would need a new area code. Residents knew to dial seven digits when making a call, and businesses advertised just the first seven digits of their 416 business numbers.

However, by 1993, the Toronto area’s 1.6M+ residents demanded more numbers than the 416 area code could support. The advent of cell phones and internet service meant Canadians were purchasing more phone service than ever before. In 1994, Bell Canada and the Telecommunications Alliance added the 905 area code for the metro area outside Toronto proper.

In 2001, The TA overlaid the 647 area code on the 416 service area. It was Canada’s first overlay area code. It saved Canadians living in Toronto the expense and hassle of having to regenerate completely new phone numbers for their landlines, cell phones, and fax lines. The Canadian Numbering Administration Consortium, Inc., Canada’s current authority for managing the country’s numbering resources under the North American Numbering Plan (NANP), added two more Toronto area codes, 437 and 365, to the greater Toronto area in March 2013. The new codes met the growing demand in southern Ontario for numbers for cell phones and other mobile devices.

Can I Still Get a 416 Phone Number in Toronto?

Long story short... yes, you can still get a 416 area code number in Toronto! Even though it's a rare, premium phone number for business or personal use, it's actually pretty easy to find and secure one... it's just a little tougher than other local area code numbers in Canada or the US.  

Because 416 is the original area code for Toronto, it’s considered more authentic than the 647, 905, 437, or 365 area codes for the city and its surrounding suburbs. 647 area code numbers don’t have the same cache as an “authentic” 416 area code number. A 416 phone number is a status symbol. People with 416 phone numbers appear to be original Torontonians who have earned the privilege of living and working in the cosmopolitan city of Toronto, even if they don’t actually live and work there.

 It is possible to get a 416 vanity number for business or personal use. As businesses close and individuals give theirs up, 416 area code numbers become available in small batches. Some companies offer vanity 416 area code numbers in sequences that spell words or acronyms with special meaning to different industries. These 416 vanity numbers help customers remember a business when they need their products or services. You can contact a phone carrier service or other phone number business to inquire about getting a 416 Toronto phone number.

Who Sells 416 Phone Numbers?

The North American Numbering Plan Administration (NANPA) coordinates phone numbering resources for 20 countries in North American and the Caribbean. NANPA allocates the 8 million phone numbers that can exist under every area code to the phone companies that operate in each area. The current Canadian Numbering Administrator (CNA) is COMsolve. Inc. COMsolve authorizes local phone companies to assign phone numbers to businesses and individuals. 

You can purchase the right to use a 416 phone number from local phone companies that serve Toronto or from global cloud-based carriers such as AVOXI (check out available 416 numbers and pricing). Keep in mind that no one actually owns a phone number; they are a public resource and controlled by the Canadian Numbering Administrator.

How Much Do 416 Vanity Numbers Cost?

Most local area code numbers in the U.S. and Canada cost the same no matter where you live. Local numbers can start as low as $1 per month for a random 10-digit string of numbers and increase to hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a vanity phone number that corresponds to letters that spell out a name or brand, or that is simple to remember.

416 phone numbers vary in price for the same reasons, but generally cost more because businesses and entrepreneurs are eager to have one. They want the prestige that comes with using a Toronto-original area code plus a seven-digit sequence that is easy for clients to remember. On the lower end, expect to pay at least $99. More memorable 416 vanity phone numbers can cost thousands of dollars.

Pricing Examples for 416 Number Plans

Here are some examples of what 416 area code providers charge for those numbers:

  • 4i6 VIP Phone Numbers: 416 numbers range from $399 - $8,499 (CAD)
  • AVOXI: 416 numbers plans for sale starting at $31.49 (with no setup fees!) 
  • eBay: 416 numbers for sale as low as $317 (USD)
  • Kijiji: Pricing not displayed, but you can expect similar pricing as eBay

How Can I Get a 416 Phone Number?

Searching for a 416 area code number for business or personal use? Major carriers and smaller businesses sell 416 phone numbers. Their one-time 416 fees can range from $99 to several thousand dollars depending on the combination of numbers and simplicity of number sequencing. Search “416 area code” or “416 phone numbers for sale” and you’ll find dozens of web-based businesses eager to sell you a 416 cell phone number.

However, these online 416 vendors don’t include any phone service with the number. You’ll still have to contract a carrier to use your number. And in some cases, their fee for leasing a 416 number is monthly, and the service you get is actually a call forwarding service from a company that retains the usage rights associated with the 416 phone number. Once you buy a 416 vanity number, you’ll want the full rights to use that number! 

If you’re a business or individual interested in buying a 416 Toronto phone number, the best way to purchase is to go with a trusted carrier such as AVOXI. When you purchase a 416 phone number from AVOXI, you get more than 20 business phone features such as advanced call forwarding to multiple devices in any location, call recording, custom greetings IVR menus, ring rules, VoIP auto attendant service, and more.

Best of all, you get a custom caller ID so your clients or friends will see your 416 area code on their devices — whether or not you’re based in Toronto.


As you can tell from this example from 4i6.ca, even low-cost 416 numbers can get expensive in a hurry!

These vendors are often separate from your actual phone service that will host the number, although sometimes they can be the same (AVOXI's 212 area code plans are an example of this). After securing a number, you will usually port that number to a mobile carrier (for personal use) or to a business phone service if you're using it for your business.

The benefits of going with a business carrier like AVOXI includes the convenience of buying and hosting the number in one place, and no massive one-time fees for your number. So instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars up front, you simply pay for one of our 212 business number plans, which start at $44 and include several handy features with your service. You can even keep the number if you decide to take it to another carrier, no long-term contracts like most phone services.

Getting a 416 Mobile Number for Your Cell Phone

It’s possible to buy a 416 cell phone number, but you’ll need to request one from a phone company or cell phone service provider local to Toronto. These companies sometimes receive small blocks of 416 numbers as they’re recycled from retired businesses or individuals. You can also buy a 416 cell phone number for personal or business use from online phone number vendors. Search “416 phone number” or “buy 416 vanity phone number” to see several online businesses offering 416 area code numbers.

Of course, you can always get a 416 phone number from a business service like AVOXI and simply forward it to your cell phone. This is very common for entrepreneurs, small company's, and people that want to keep business calls and personal calls separate while using the same phone. 

Where Can I Find Cheap 416 Number Plans?

Most local area code numbers in the U.S. and Canada cost the same. A 416 number is an exception, however, because of the prestige associated with it. Many people are willing to pay more for the aura of sophistication that comes with a business 416 number, so the market for 416 phone numbers makes their availability more limited and pushes prices higher. 

AVOXI loves selling local 416 phone numbers because we offer them starting at just $44/month. AVOXI’s 416 phone numbers come with the most trusted VoIP phone service in Canada, too. That’s often not the case with many “cheap” 416 number websites. They charge hundreds of dollars for the phone number itself, but their one-time fees don’t include phone service — you would need to port your 416 number to a carrier like AVOXI to be able to use it.

Get an Affordable 416 Number with the Phone Service to Use It

Save yourself the extra expense and headache when purchasing your 416 area code number. Go with an affordable phone number vendor like AVOXI starting at $44/month. There are no setup fees or minimum contracts with AVOXI. A 416 area code phone number comes with AVOXI’s reliable 24/7 technical support. Our global cloud network ensures you have static-free call quality no matter where in the world you send and receive calls.

Having a 416 area code lets the international community know you belong in the Toronto community. A 416 phone number tells customers you’re an established, reliable Toronto-based business. When used for your personal cell phone, a 416 area code tells the world you’re a Toronto native whether you were born there or just moved to town. Getting a 416 phone number can be expensive, but AVOXI makes it easy to represent your business or personal brand by Toronto’s original — and most trusted — area code.