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What Are the Business Benefits of Softphone Technology?

Most businesses today understand that the days of landline phones are numbered. Instead, they are choosing to adopt softphones, which are usable via a computer or a mobile phone, or VoIP desk phones, which are hard phones that connect to the Internet and utilize VoIP technology.

But as communications services grow and evolve, more and more businesses have chosen to abandon all forms of desk phones (including VoIP desk phones) in favor of softphone technology because it is scalable, flexible, and provides substantial cost-savings.

In this quick reference guide, we discuss the benefits of using softphones in your business, and how to they can help your company be more productive.

How Does Softphone Technology Work?

Softphones use VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to process calls. All you need to use a softphone is a computer, a headset, and a reliable Internet connection. Your employees can make and receive calls from anywhere with a softphone, making it easy to stay connected at all times and scale your business.

Benefits of Softphone Technology

Some of the benefits of using softphones for your business' communications needs include:

Stay Connected At All Times

Desk phones of any kind, even VoIP desk phones, can be expensive to install and maintain on your company's premises. But if you are using a desk phone connected to a landline, it is even more difficult to establish a scalable, flexible office environment.

With softphone technology, you're not limited by physical location. Since softphones can be installed on a computer or a mobile phone, they don't have to be re-installed when your company moves, or even for employees on the go. Your staff stays connected and online at all times.

Remote Employee Functionality

Today, remote or mobile workforces are more common than ever. With a softphone, your employees can work from anywhere: a home office, the airport, or even a coffee shop. VoIP technology also allows employees to configure calls to their office number to forward to any device that they might have available, so you never have to worry about missed calls.

Substantial Cost-Savings

Desk phones can be expensive. Typically, they can cost at least $49.99 USD, if not upwards of $100 USD. And that's just the cost of the phone itself. Installation and maintenance are additional charges that your business will have to cover.

Conversely, softphones can be rented or purchased for as little as $5.00 USD a license. Plus, local calls on your VoIP softphone are often free, and international calls are far cheaper than they would be if you were using a desk phone connected to a landline.

Learn More About Softphone Technology

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