Best Canada Toll Free Number Providers in 2021

AVOXI compares the best Canadian toll-free number providers by reviewing pricing, strengths and weaknesses, and features for businesses seeking 1-800 numbers.

best toll free number provider canada

Who Are the Top Toll Free Number Providers in Canada?

Are you in the market for a great Canadian toll free number provider, but not sure which one offers the best service plans for your business? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

There are many different use-cases for toll free numbers and features that a company may need with their business phone number. As a result, there are now several toll free number providers for Canada that have built their services around specific needs a business may have. That’s great for the consumer, but it can make it difficult to compare plans and find the best provider for you. 

We want to help you get exactly what you’re looking for. AVOXI has provided toll free phone services in Canada for nearly 20 years. And while we’re confident in our ability to deliver incredible call quality, excellent customer service, and 20+ business phone features at affordable rates, no single provider is perfect for everyone. There are several options available for virtual toll free numbers. Pricing plans and features may look different, but every toll free service provider on this list has been around for a meaningful period of time and established a reliable reputation. 

Before we get started on our analysis into the different providers, let’s address some common questions customers are asking regarding the process, purchase, and set up of Canada toll free numbers.

Common Questions About Toll Free Services in Canada

What are the benefits of toll free number service in Canada?

Canadian toll free number services are regulated by the FCC as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Because of this, businesses that have Canada toll free numbers enjoy the following benefits that local numbers do not provide: 

  1. Free calling for international customers who are contacting the business.
  2. Number providers must comply when customers request their Canada toll free numbers to be transferred to another. 
  3. Businesses can use the same toll free number for US and Canada, allowing US-based customers to call a Canada toll free number for free and vice versa. 
  4. 833, 844, 866, 877, and 888 prefixes make it easier to find specific vanity toll free numbers compared to other countries. 

Are 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 numbers toll free in Canada?

Yes. The FCC released these various toll free prefixes when “True” Canadian 1-800 numbers were limited in supply. While they work the exact same way, they’re generally less expensive and easier to obtain. 

How do I get a vanity toll free number in Canada?

Finding an available vanity toll free number for your business is a straightforward process. Toll free service providers that specialize in vanity numbers will charge you based on the demand of the term you’re seeking. 

Ex. 1-800-NEWKEYS will probably be more expensive and harder to find than 1-844-XXX-KEYZ.

AVOXI can help find exactly what you’re looking for in our own inventory or by searching the entire North American database for available toll free numbers. Tell us what you want and we’ll help you get it, even if we aren’t the one providing it. Find memorable vanity toll-free numbers. 

Can I transfer toll free numbers between providers?

Absolutely! FCC regulations require providers to facilitate toll free number transfers upon request. AVOXI will pay you if you transfer your existing Canada toll free number to our network. Port your business numbers to AVOXI

Can I get a toll free number for Canada and the US?

Yes. Because Canada and US toll-free numbers are both regulated by the NANP, callers from either country can reach your business directly toll-free - no matter which of the two you buy! 

Which business phone features should I expect from any 1800 number provider?

At a minimum, you should expect any 1-800 number service provider to supply basic business phone features such as:

  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Controls (transfer, hold, mute, warm transfer, etc.)
  • Call Forwarding (to one or more devices)
  • Call Handling (caller ID, call queues, ring groups)
  • Call Logging & Reporting
  • Call Recording (usually an add-on fee)
  • Personalized Greeting Messages
  • Toll-Free Number Porting
  • Voicemail (including voicemail-to-email)
  • 24/7 Support

How do I call Canada toll free numbers from overseas?

To call from overseas, simply add the country’s exit code (international prefix) and Canada’s international dial code (+1) before the number. For example, if you’re calling Canada from the UK which has an exit code of “00,” dialing will look like this: 00-1-8XX-XXXX. These calls are not toll-free if the caller is located overseas. 

Comparing the Best Canada Toll-Free Number Providers

Numerous business phone services provide Canadian toll free numbers. The process to find the one right for your business can be overwhelming, which is why we have chosen four popular and reputable service providers to compare to our own. Throughout this article, we will look at the following brands based on their pricing, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the type of business their services are designed for.

Provider Great For Great for entrepreneurs and small teams that expect low call volumes from Canada.
Global Call Forwarding Good for businesses with highly variable call volumes, where the cost savings from rollover minutes outweighs higher call charges than similar providers.
8x8 Good for midsize and large companies that are interested in one of 8x8’s business phone system plans, which includes toll free number services. If you’re a small business or entrepreneur that needs video and web conferencing features, not many providers compare to
AVOXI Best for businesses with mid-high monthly call volumes (700 minutes or more) that need flexible and affordable toll free number service with consistent call quality. is an international business phone number provider offering local and toll free numbers in Canada (and around the world) and has one of the largest coverage areas of any provider on this list. Customers can purchase Canada telephone packages online or by contacting their multilingual customer service team. Packages start at $9 for true 1-800 numbers and $5 for standard dial codes, increasing in cost as plans become larger and you are allotted more minutes. You can choose to be billed monthly or on an annual basis. 

Every purchase of a phone number comes with international call forwarding, simultaneous ringing, sequential ringing, time/day routing, and more. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Quick and easy activation process with no setup fees Interface is not very intuitive
Inbound fax & voicemail messaging via phone numbers Fees for basic services like call recording and local number porting can be quite expensive
PAYG plans in Canada make them a good fit for entrepreneurs and solo operations Pricing for Canadian toll free service plans are only competitive for customers expecting small call volumes Pricing

Pay-As-You-Go plans for Canadian 1-800 numbers begin at $9 per month, a much lower starting price for a true 800 number compared to most providers. Standard toll free numbers begin at $5 per month. While we’re weighing price by monthly bills in our analysis, does have an annual bill pay option which can help businesses save upwards of 25% on services. 

Just like AVOXI and Global Call Forwarding, offers several plans with varying amounts of talk minutes. If your business exceeds the talk time given, you will be charged a higher cost rate for every additional minute you go over. 

Estimate the average cost-per-minute of each plan by dividing the plan price by the allotted minutes. In doing so, we can determine that’s Starter plans are very competitively priced for 1-800 number services in Canada and an attractive option for entrepreneurs. Their larger plans, however, are not so affordable compared to other providers within this article, especially when forwarding to a landline or mobile device. In addition, their call recording rates and local number porting fees are costlier than similar competitors. 

Here’s a quick look at the monthly pricing plans for 1-800 Canada numbers when forwarding calls to VoIP/SIP. It does not include the additional rate per minute when forwarding calls to a landline or mobile device, which starts at $0.013 in Starter plans:

  • Pay As You Go: $9 per month, $0.046 per minute
  • 400 Minutes: $14 per month, $0.041 per additional minute
  • 1,032 Minutes: $19 per month, $0.034 per additional minute
  • 1,895 Minutes: $29 per month, $0.029 per additional minute
  • 3,888 Minutes: $49 per month, $0.019 per additional minute
  • 7,523 Minutes: $79 per month, $0.016 per additional minute Canada Toll Free Pricing Chart Highlighted Service Features

  1. Low-Cost Starter Plans: 1800 number pricing especially nice at Starter plans. This pricing should work out nicely for any entrepreneur or small shop that does not expect high call volumes. 
  2. Global Inventory: Customer calls are never missed as businesses can set up forwarding to multiple phone numbers simultaneously from anywhere in the world.
  3. Fax2MyEmail™ & Voicemail2MyEmail™: Canada toll-free numbers can be used to receive faxes and voicemail messages as email attachments or a downloaded document from the online messaging center.

Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding is an international provider of Canada 800 phone numbers with an advanced network of service features and a quick implementation process. Their online portal makes it easy to purchase phone numbers fast and before they do, customers have access to a free trial with complimentary rollover minutes for the first three months. Voice plans begin at $18.95 for 1-800 numbers and $12.95 for standard dial codes with a maximum value of $248.95 for either with the greatest number of minutes. 

In addition to their included features, Global Call Forwarding can enhance its solutions with outbound calling, SMS forwarding, call recording, and the continuation of rollover minutes at additional costs. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Rollover minute trial included for 3 months Most expensive top tier package from competitor list
High-volume call packages available Costly, varying fee range for call recording and rollover services
Capabilities to filter calls and maximize qualified leads Outbound call making very expensive; ranging from $25 - $1,000 per month

Global Call Forwarding Pricing Structure for Canada Toll Free Numbers

Global Call Forwarding plans for 800 Canadian numbers begin at $12.95 for standard dialing codes and $18.95 for true 1-800s. Like most brands on this list, Global Call Forwarding offers several call minutes options to meet the needs of their customers. 

In fact, they provide their customers with the most amount of minutes compared to and AVOXI. Customers get the greatest amount of talk time value at the true number Value plan with 179% more minutes than Basic. For standard numbers, the Power plan has 276% more minutes than its predecessor. 

If you go over your allotted minutes, Global Call Forwarding will charge you their predetermined rate for every additional minute used. With the exception of’s Starter packages, Global Call Forwarding is the most expensive provider for cost-per-additional-minutes. They are also the most expensive for cost-per-minute and monthly pricing rates (overtaking 8x8’s pricing) for their higher-tiered packages: Power, Premium, and Enterprise. In addition, customers that are interested in premium features like call recording, outbound calling, and rollover minutes will be paying more per month. 

Here’s a quick look at the monthly pricing plans for 1-800 Canada numbers when forwarding calls to VoIP/SIP. 

  • Basic: $18.95 per month, 443 minutes, $0.040 per additional minute
  • Value: $38.95 per month, 1,237 minutes, $0.035 per additional minute
  • Power: $78.95 per month, 2,861 minutes, $0.03 per additional minute
  • Premium: $158.95 per month, 6,569 minutes, $0.025 per additional minute
  • Enterprise: $248.95 per month, 12,638 minutes, $0.02 per additional minute
Global Call Forwarding Canada Toll Free Pricing Chart

Global Call Forwarding Highlighted Features

  1. Rollover Minutes. A flexible feature that allows customers to carry over unused minutes to the next month. 
  2. Black and White Lists. Custom lists that allow businesses to prioritize calls based on area codes or specific numbers.
  3. Unlimited Extensions. Routing function to connect customers with the appropriate representative, department, or division of the company.

8x8 Canada

8x8 is a global cloud provider for voice, teams, meetings, call centers, and more in the Canadian market. The beginner X-Series package starts at $33 CAD ($25.93 USD) per month, per user - increasing in cost to $237 CAD ($186.19 USD) for their top package. 

Mid-size and large companies will especially benefit from this provider’s integrated communication features to help their organization work more efficiently. Customers of 8x8 enjoy regulatory compliance, unlimited talk time within predetermined countries, integrations, SMS, and call recording. You can also receive a custom quote by contacting their sales team. 

Strengths Weaknesses
Integrated communication solutions IVR & reporting and analytics not offered until X6
Mix-and-match plans to meet voice and contact center needs Toll-free is metered for unlimited calling zone countries
Call recording available in all X-Series Per-user plans can get expensive for teams with limited budget

8x8 Toll Free Service Pricing

Pricing plans for 8x8 begin at $33 CAD ($25.93 USD) for X2 series, moving up to $60 CAD ($47.14 USD) for X4, $156 CAD ($122.56 USD) for X6, and $237 CAD ($186.19 USD) for X8. Customers are charged on a per user, per month rate. While this provider offers a ton of excellent features that help agents work more efficiently, 8x8 really stands out with its integrated solutions, mix-and-match plans to satisfy unique business needs, and unlimited calling to several countries. 

X2 series customers have unlimited calling to 14 countries, while X4 customers and above have unlimited calling to 47. Though, it does exclude some number types, such as mobile, special, and premium. IVR and reporting/analytics are features you might expect to receive in a baseline package from a leading provider. However, they’re not available until X6, which may alienate smaller companies seeking these services. 

Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure for each of their plans:

  • X2: $33 CAD ($25.93 USD) per month with unlimited calling
  • X4: $60 CAD ($47.14 USD) per month with unlimited calling
  • X6: $156 CAD ($122.56 USD) per month with unlimited calling
  • X8: $237 CAD ($186.19 USD) per month with unlimited calling 
8x8 Canada XSeries Pricing Chart

8x8 Highlighted Business Phone Features

  1. Mobile and Desktop Apps: Connect with customers and colleagues from a single app on your phone, tablet, or computer. 
  2. Call Recording: Record customer calls for quality assurance and training while gaining insightful customer feedback.
  3. Telephony Calling Zones: Customers receive unlimited calls within 14 countries for X2 plan; 47 countries for X4, X6, and X8. 
8x8 canada pricing plans for voice is a global provider of Canada 1-800 toll free numbers for small businesses that need video and conferencing services as part of their communications. Customers can purchase user licenses for any of their three plans at the same time directly online. Their pricing page makes it convenient for estimating your total monthly spend, especially when you have a mix of users in different plans. 

Plans begin at $12.99 per user, per month and increase to $19.99 and $29.99 as you require more features. Customers can choose to be billed on a monthly or yearly basis. Those who opt-in for a yearly billing plan can save 20%. 

There are several add-on features for purchase with, including call recording, inbound faxing, live receptionist, rooms, and additional phone number discount pricing. According to their website, there is a $0.05 USD surcharge for international dialing from Canada to US toll free numbers.

Strengths Weaknesses
Conferencing and collaboration capabilities International calling rates apply
Cost-effective, inclusive pricing for generally advanced features Low and pooled calling minutes in bottom tier plan
Capable of supporting physical phones, mobile devices, and softphones Call analytics only available for Pro Users 1800 Service Pricing pricing plans begin at $12.99 for the Basic Users package, $19.99 for Plan Users, and $29.99 for Pro Users. Customers are charged per user, per month. While this toll free number provider offers several standard voice features, its notable features to highlight include its collaborative capabilities - specifically video, audio, and web conferencing in all plans. 

Much like 8x8, offers their customers mobile and web apps for their communication needs. SMS forwarding is also included in each plan, so agents can engage with their contacts aways from their computers. Basic Users customers have significantly fewer call minutes compared to some of the other providers we’ve previously discussed. The number type you select with your plan may drive up the cost. While offers free numbers, you may pay $10, $15, or even $49 for a number. In addition, a global per month rate of $5 for standard numbers and $15 for true also apply. Below is a breakdown of’s pricing structure for their three plans:

  • Basic Users: $12.99 per month per user
  • Plus Users: $19.99 per month per user
  • Pro Users: $29.99 per month per user Voice Plan Pricing Chart Highlighted 1800 Service Features

  1. Video Conferencing: This feature includes 10 participants for Basic Users, 25 participants for Plus Users, and 100 participants for Pro Users.
  2. Scheduled Greetings: Balance inbound calls with scheduled greetings, messaging, and music during open and closed business hours.
  3. iOS/Android App: The mobile app allows entrepreneurs to separate personal and professional profiles while managing several phone numbers on a single mobile device. pricing plan comparison for voice


AVOXI is a leading provider of toll free services in Canada and over 160+ countries. We also provide local, non-geographic, and UIFN business number plans. AVOXI caters to the needs of scaling businesses by providing fast-activation, affordable toll-free plans, and reliable voice coverage in Canada and beyond. 

In addition to providing toll free number services around the world, AVOXI’s platform also allows customers to purchase user extensions for more advanced phone system features like call monitoring, call queuing, advanced reporting and analytics, and more, similar to In fact, the cost of’s unlimited extensions are cheaper than AVOXI’s unlimited users, but their $0.05 surcharge for calls made from Canada to the US make AVOXI the more affordable option for companies that regularly call the US from Canada. Learn more about unlimited calling to US and Canada

Strengths Weaknesses
Easy setup process and largest coverage area of any provider listed No mobile app
Intuitive interface with more call reporting features compared to most providers No video functionality, limited conferencing features
Most affordable Canadian toll free service plans for midsize-enterprise customers No SMS in Canada

AVOXI Toll Free Service Pricing

Our pricing plans for business number services are similar to, where you choose a business number plan based on how much call volume you expect. If your talk time exceeds the minutes included in your plan, your service will not cut off. However, you will be charged a higher rate for every additional minute you use. 

AVOXI is proud to offer more affordable pricing than and Global Call Forwarding in most situations, including mid-high call volume plans for toll free service in Canada. However, our starting price for true 1800 numbers is $25.99 and $16.99 for standard toll free dial codes, which is why we recommend for entrepreneurs with small call volumes. Customers are able to set up toll free numbers online or by contacting us directly! 

There are no contracts or setup fees, and we include 20+ business phone features with every toll free service plan. Here’s a look at our pricing when forwarding calls to a VoIP address (softphone):   

  • Connect: 1,032 minutes at $16.99 per month and $0.031 per additional minute
  • Standard: 1,895 minutes at $25.99 per month and $0.026 per additional minute
  • Advanced: 3,888 minutes at $43.99 per month and $0.017 per additional minute
  • Premium: 7,523 minutes at $70.99 per month and $0.014 per additional minute
AVOXI Canada Toll Free Pricing Chart

AVOXI Highlighted Service Features

  1. Intuitive Voice Platform: Manage your business phone service settings from an easy-to-use interface.
  2. Toll Free Porting Offer: Transfer an existing toll free number to AVOXI and get a full month of free calling, no matter how many calls you expect!
  3. Advanced Call Forwarding: Every toll free service plan includes automated attendant, time-based routing, custom ring rules, and many more call management features.

Get the Most from Your Canadian Toll Free Number Service

Engaging with customers is easier with a reliable, high-quality toll free phone service supporting you! Even if you don’t choose AVOXI, we hope this article makes it easier to navigate the complicated world of telecom pricing and find the best Canadian toll free service provider for your business!