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Top 5 Canada Toll Free Number Providers

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AVOXI takes a look at the top Canada Toll Free Number providers to offer you a comparison of pricing and services. You can also read here to learn how to get a 1800 number in Canada.

Advantages of a Canada Toll Free Number

American and Canadian businesses often overlap—and luckily, so do their toll free numbers. This means that it is easy for you to expand your business without establishing a physical presence in the area. You remain accessible to your current customers and gain accessibility to prospective customers. Because both countries are part of the North American Numbering Plan, the dialing structures and the prefixes are exactly the same.

The biggest advantage of having a Canada toll free number is that the same number works for both US and Canadian callers. That promotes clarity and consistency as you market your business. And, like US toll free numbers, Canada toll free numbers start with one of the following prefixes: 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, or 888. Seven numerical digits follow the prefix numbers in a format just like the US numbers.

Comparing Canada Toll Free Number Providers

Let’stake a look at the 5 top Canada toll free number providers: TollFreeForwarding.com, Global Call Forwarding, Grasshopper, Phone.com, and AVOXI. The comparison reviews prices, activation, features, and limitations.


Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, TollFreeForwarding.com offers several different packages for international toll free and local telephone numbers available through online purchase.

Packages & Pricing

The pricing for each package depends on the size of your business and volume of minutes required. The number of lines and associated minutes of usage listed in the Starter, Medium, Large, and High Volume packages help guide the right selection. Annual billing saves costs overall. Packages start as low as $5/month.


TollFreeForwarding.com offers a variety of different features paired with the purchase of a toll from number, including:

  • Call Forwarding
  • IVR
  • Call Recording
  • Voicemail2MyEmail
  • Fax2MyEmail

Other Services

TollFreeForwarding.com also offers cloud-based management with every account. That allows you to manage your account activity and retrieve call record information through the portal. 

Global Call Forwarding

Global Call Forwarding, headquartered in Florida, is a brand of UWT (United World Telecom). Global Call Forwarding offers local and international toll free numbers. Global Call Forwarding also provides a free trial for toll free numbers, along with a contract-free service that permits updating or canceling at any time.

Packages & Pricing

Like TollFreeForwarding.com, Global Call Forwarding offers packages divided into tiers: Basic, Value, Power, Premium, and Enterprise. Each package shows only one option under the desired number of minutes and bills monthly. Their packages range from $12.95 - $248.95/month.


Global Call Forwarding lists many of the same features as TollFreeForwarding.com, along with others like:

  • Customized Greeting
  • SMS Forwarding
  • Local Ringback Tone
  • Black & White Lists
  • Rollover Minutes

Other Services

As the name suggests, Global Call Forwarding specializes in toll free number services for businesses all across the globe and offers international call forwarding, vanity phone numbers, and local numbers for other countries.


Headquartered in Boston, MA and founded 2003, Grasshopper offers toll free and local telephone numbers to (typically) small businesses. Unlike the two providers we reviewed thus far, Grasshopper does not provide international toll free numbers.

Packages & Pricing

Because Canada and the US are both included in the North American Numbering Plan, Grasshopper’s US packages are available as Canada toll free numbers as well.

Although focused on small businesses, Grasshopper offers packages divided into tiers to match the business need to the appropriate package. Rather than specifying the number of minutes, Grasshopper differentiates packages based on the number of phone numbers and extensions. Their plans range from $26 - $80/month.

See how the Solo, Partner, and Small Business packages compare:


Each package includes:

  • Business Texting
  • Read Your Voicemail
  • Inbound Fax
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Voicemail
  • Custom Greetings
  • Desktop App Access
  • Mobile Apps + WiFi Calls

Other Services

Grasshopper also offers communication services tailored to personal to small businesses, including Business SMS, Read Your Voicemail, Store Hours / Directions, Call Routing Extensions, and Fax on Demand.


Phone.com is headquartered in New Jersey and has multiple locations across the US that specialize in providing businesses with local, long-distance and international calling services.

Packages & Pricing

Phone.com divides its packages into tiers that differ based on the number of minutes, number of extensions, and volume of SMS messages. The tiers start with the Base package, which comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Each package comes with a list of additional features, and the list grows with each package upgrade.

Along with the Pay Per Minute Plans, Phone.com also offers Unlimited Plans. These plans limit the number of extensions and SMS messages, but they provide unlimited monthly minutes and user extensions (subject to limitations outlined in Section 1.5 of the Terms of Service). There is a limit to how many monthly minutes your business can use on these plans.Their plans range from $12.99 - $39.99/month.


Each package includes over 40 standard features, but the more advanced plans come equipped with extra features. For example, the Plus plan comes with all of the features included in the Base plan plus a few extras like Automated Voicemail to Text and Premium Hold Music. The Pro plan builds upon the feature set by offering all of the previously mentioned features plus more advanced features such as HD Video Conferencing.

Some of the standard features that come with all packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Voicemail to Email
  • Fax to Email
  • Hold Music
  • HD Conferencing
  • Text to Greeting


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, AVOXI is a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) solutions in the international market. Customers purchase toll free numbers online and by request.

Packages & Pricing

Divided into six tiers, the design of the toll free number packages meets any size business need. AVOXI plans start as low as $4.49/month! 


Each Canada toll free number package comes with 40+ calling features, including:

  • Global Call Forwarding
  • Call Recording
  • IVR/Auto Attendant
  • Ring Groups (Hunt Groups)
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Mobile User Interface

Other Services

In addition to US/Canada and international toll free numbers, AVOXI offers local phone numbers (DIDs), virtual call center software, and more.

Which Canada Toll Free Number Provider is Right for You?

When selecting which provider is right for you and your business, it is important to consider pricing in accordance with available features and other services and support.

  • Does your preferred provider meet all of your current and future business calling needs?
  • Are you looking for a specific plan or one that allows room for growth?
  • If interested in an unlimited calling plan, how many limitations are you willing to agree to?

Every business has its own set of requirements and specific needs. Be sure that your provider meets those requirements and offers features and tools to help you grow. Talk with one of our specialists to help you determine what you need for your particular business.