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Create a Successful Company Culture for your Call Center

A strong company culture is essential in any business. This type of culture equates to a strong company, one where employees are happy and customers benefit from that positivity. Call centers are no different. But each business is distinct and because of that, the culture you should instill can vary. For all our call center owners and managers out there, we’ve put together this list of tips to create a successful company culture for your call center.

Results driven environment

We’ve found that the most successful call centers create a results driven environment for their employees. This type of company culture encourages promotions and growth based on results rather than on tenure. This helps employees focus on continued success in their position. Management should act as a coach in this type of environment. They should give constant feedback, celebrate their employees’ success in public and always discipline in private.

This type of environment might not be the right fit for every call center but it gives a great outline of how a company culture can impact your managers and employees. The tips below can help you create a culture of your own.

Clearly define your values

Your call center’s overall values should not only reflect your employees but your customers, too. These values should also reflect the image of your call center. When thinking about these values, consider the ideal traits of your employees, imagine your idea of a perfect call center and take into account the demographics of your customers. These three points will help you outline your call center’s core values so you can effectively communicate them to your team.

Encouraging and motivating employees

Employee satisfaction is a key ingredient in any company culture. Satisfied employees are hardworking employees and thus, should be encourage and motivated frequently. Celebrating success is one way to instill this ideal into your company culture. Recognition through awards, parties and promotions boosts moral across the company and encourages involvement from all employees.

Clear channels of communication

Another key to employee satisfaction is open communication. Employees should always have a personal resource for any questions, comments or concerns that may arise within the call center. Open communication creates a trusting relationship between managers and their employees. To encourage more employees to partake in discussions, there should be multiple channels of communication including in-person and written options. Your agents are constantly working with customers so they should be accommodated if they can’t attend specific meetings.

A focus on your customer

Your customers are what keep you in business so it’s important that your company culture also takes them into account. A key factor to this is stressing the importance of this to your employees. After all, they’re the ones who interact with your customers on a daily basis. A team mentality along with a willingness to help are a key traits that your employees should exhibit at your call center and with your customers.

Company culture in your call center

Regardless of the type of company culture you hope to instill in your call center, the key is starting from the top down. Management needs to be 100% on board and constantly encouraging the culture in order for it to fully be embraced by your employees. The tips above, if implemented correctly, can kick start the successful company culture that your call center deserves.