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Essential Tips for IVR Customization


Essential Tips for IVR Customization

Almost every contact center uses an IVR system to effectively handle and route incoming calls. Because an IVR system is often the customer’s first point of contact with a company, the IVR experience can set the tone for the whole customer experience. With these essential tips for IVR customization, you’ll learn how to optimize your IVR setup and ensure that your callers’ first interaction with your business is a positive one.

IVR customization is an important part of your call center setup. After all, it is the first interaction that many customers will have with your business. And, customers whose calls are routed quickly and correctly by your IVR system are much easier to talk to than those who were confused or frustrated by your voice prompts. That means that a properly optimized IVR setup is not only good for your customers, but for your agents as well.

IVR Customization in 4 Easy Steps

If you are looking for ways to customize your IVR system, chances are that you already know the basics. So, we’ll focus on tips for customizing your existing IVR setup.

1. Analyze Your Current Call Flow

Before you start making changes to your current IVR structure, take the time to review how calls are currently being processed. You need to know how your callers are interacting with the existing menu and voice prompts in order to identify places for improvement.

For example: let’s say that your IVR menu has three options: press 1 for sales, press 2 for service, and press 3 for support. Many of your customers are pressing 3 for support, but they don’t actually need technical support; instead, they are looking for basic account maintenance items, like changing a payment method or checking on an invoice. In order to customize your IVR to your callers’ needs, you might consider providing clear examples of which functions your service and your support departments perform. That way, your customers will be connected to the right department the first time.

2. Analyze your callers’ preferences.

It’s important to think like a customer as you work to customize your IVR system. What information would your customers like to hear in a welcome greeting? And which options should be presented earlier in the menu? And if you are running a multilingual contact center, how can you use routing options to better accommodate your callers’ spoken languages?

You can gather data on your callers’ preferences by reviewing call reporting; but, it’s often better to seek direct feedback from your customers. Consider including a survey at the end of every call that asks for customer input on your IVR menu.

3. Use the right voice talent for your IVR prompts.

The voice talent that you use for your IVR menu and prompts has a significant impact on a caller’s experience with your company. It’s important to take your audience into consideration as you choose voice talent for these recordings; will your customers respond better to a male or female voice? Should the reading be formal or conversational? And does the voice talent used for your IVR system properly represent your company’s brand identity?

No matter what type of voice talent you choose, it’s best to opt for a professional recording. You can hire a third party vendor to handle this; but, some IVR system and contact center software providers actually offer this as an add-on service. For example, AVOXI offers customized IVR recordings at a fraction of the cost of what a third party recording company might charge.

4. Consider self-service IVR options.

As you grow your business, you may find that customers are calling in to ask about things that could be self-service options. Examples include checking account balances, making a payment, or checking on the status of an order. Talk to your IVR service provider for help with adding self-service options to your IVR menu.

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When it comes to optimizing the call routing configuration for your call center, setting up your IVR system is just the beginning. With these simply IVR customization tips, you can ensure that your customers are being routed to the right department at the right time. Plus, you can improve this essential piece of the customer experience.

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