How Much Does IVR Cost?

how much does ivr cost

If you have questions about what exactly an IVR is and how it can save you money, you are not alone. Before making any decision, it is important to fully understand what the IVR system cost to your business is. In this article, we will break down some of the most popular IVR providers and what costs come with their IVR systems.

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At AVOXI, we firmly believe we provide the best pricing and services, but we also realize we may not be a perfect fit for everyone. We hope you find the information in this article to be helpful and up to date, and if you see any discrepancies, please reach out. We are always updating our content to be the most helpful and up to date as possible!

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In order to understand what kind of IVR is the best for your business, we must first understand the different kinds of IVR systems available, as it will be a major factor in determining the cost to your business.

There are two different types of IVR systems - on-premise and cloud systems. On-premise simply means the hardware and servers are stored somewhere within your business, and cloud means the hardware is stored elsewhere. Typically, cloud IVR systems are more affordable as they require no equipment or maintenance.

IVR System Costs

Many providers offer IVR capabilities as part of their virtual number plans, while others charge by the minute or call handled via the IVR. If you're getting a more basic IVR from a virtual number plan, you may have to buy a more advanced plan to access this feature. Plans that charge by the minute can be costly, as some providers charge upwards of $0.10/minute.

If you're an enterprise sized business and have complex IVR needs, you may need to get a custom quote from these providers to accurately determine the cost.

Provider Pricing Method Call Recording Plans as Low as...
AVOXI Free With Virtual Number Yes + Possible Storage Upgrades $4.49 /month
Twilio Per User/Hour/Execution $0.0025/minute + storage fees $150/month
CallHippo Free With Virtual Number Included With Virtual Number $10/month + Number Charges
Voicent One Time Fee No $799/One-Time Fee
Jive Per User/Seat Yes $19.95/month
8x8 Per User/Seat $0.05 - $0.095 $60/month

Most Customizable IVR System


Twilio offers two different IVR solutions, each offering their own separate benefits.

Twilio Flex - a serverless contact center platform

  • 5000 active user hours to start for free
  • $1 per active user hour - only pay for the time your agents are active
  • $150 per named user/month - flat rate for each agent, supervisor or administrator seat, regardless of volume.

Twilio Studio* - easily create intelligent IVR flows with no coding required

  • Pay-as-you-go - $0.001/flow execution (first 1000 executions/month are free)
  • Enterprise - $10,000/month for unlimited executions

*underlying communutaions costs apply

ivr system costs

Best IVR and Feature Set Combination


Jive, like CallHippo, offers an affordable and easy to use IVR solution that is included with their VoIP phone systems. They offer tiered pricing based on how many users you have on your plan:

  • 1 - 4 users: $29.95/seat per month
  • 5 - 9 users: $25.95/seat per month
  • 10 - 24 users: $23.95/seat per month
  • 25 - 49 users: $21.95/seat per month
  • 50 - 99 users: $19.95/seat per month
  • 100+ users: Contact for custom pricing

Best IVR For Small Businesses


AVOXI is often recognized for offering the best price small business IVR solution, which is included with any virtual number purchased in the online shopping cart. Our small business IVR system and gives you the ability to create complex routing via multi-level call flows. AVOXI's pricing varies by country, so for the purpose of this post, we will choose a USA toll free number forwarding to a VoIP phone:

  • Classic - $4.49/month, pay-as-you-go
  • Basic - $7.99/month, 400 talk minutes
  • Connect - $16.99/month, 1031 talk minutes
  • Standard - $25.99/month, 1895 talk minutes
  • Advanced - $43.99/month, 3888 talk minutes
  • Premium - $70.99/month, 7522 talk minutes

In addition to the providers mentioned, companies such as Noble Systems and Five9 offer advanced cloud IVR solutions, but you will need to reach out to get custom pricing.

Easiest IVR to Implement


CallHippo offers a more affordable and easy to implement IVR system.

  • Bronze - $10/month
  • Silver - $18/month
  • Platinum - $40/month

Each of these plans offers the same IVR capabilities, with the more premium plans offering additional features. In addition to these service fees, you must also purchase your virtual number separately (which range from $9/month to $75/month), as well as incoming and outgoing talk minutes.

ivr costs

Best IVR for Large Enterprises


Voicent offers IVR solutions for large enterprises. Their software is capable of handling up to 6000 calls/hour, and only requires a one-time payment. Their IVR pricing is as follows:

  • $799 - 1 channel and up to 60 calls/hour
  • $999 - 2 channels and up to 120 calls/hour
  • $1,199 - 3 channels and up to 180 calls/hour
  • $1,399 - 4 channels and up to 240 calls/hour
  • $2,999 - 10 channels and up to 600 calls/hour
  • $3,995 - 20 channels and up to 1200 calls/hour
  • $5,495 - 40 channels and up to 2400 calls/hour
  • $9,850 - 100 channels and up to 6000 calls/hour
how much does ivr cost

Best Intelligent IVR System


8x8 provides various plans that include IVR as a feature. For small to medium-sized businesses, they offer 2 plans:

  • X Series X5 - $60/month per user
  • X Series X6 - $115/month per user

These plans also offer unlimited calling within 47 countries and bundled calling minutes.

For larger businesses or enterprises, 8x8 offers an advanced IVR plan that includes quality management tools and speech analytics, and 4000 bundled calling minutes:

  • X Series X8 - $175/month per user

Finding the Right IVR Provider for Your Business

When looking to add an IVR call routing system to your business, think of it as an investment. Per NiceinContact, "it costs approximately $0.05 - $0.25 to handle an inbound IVR inquiry vs $5 to $25 or more for a live agent call." Additionally, Milsoft conducted a study to show their findings on how much their IVR saves customers.

ROI Information For Milsoft's IVR Software

Calls Taken by CSR (Annually) Standard IVR (Initial Cost) IVR with Voice (Initial Cost)
Resource Cost $56,160 $80,000 $85,000
Annual Calls Taken 31,811 80,960 139,656
Cost per Call $1.77 $0.99 $0.61
Efficiency % - 44% 65%
Relative Cost per Resource 100% 56% 35%

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