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How Much Does Time of Day Routing Cost?

Are you wondering how much Time of Day Routing costs? Find out what options are on the market today.

Cost plays an important role in every buying decision. We get that. That’s why we want to make sure you choose best and most efficient calling features for your individual needs. In this article we’ll talk about how much Time of Day Routing costs and the specifics behind this feature.

Time of Day Routing allows you to route calls to different phone numbers based on what time it currently is. For example, say you have a customer support office in the United States that is open from 6am till 8pm and another office in the Philippines that is open the remainder of the day. With Time of Day Routing, you can direct incoming calls to each office based on the time they’re received.

Time of Day Routing Cost

Time of Day Routing is a popular feature offered by many VoIP providers. Depending on the service you have, Time of Day Routing may be offered in two different ways.

  1. It could be listed as an “add on” feature to your existing VoIP services. In this case, your VoIP provider is allowing you to pick and choose the calling features you want. The price to add Time of Day Routing to your VoIP service averages around $8 a month.
  2. On the other hand, Time of Day Routing might already be included with your calling features. A lot of VoIP providers bundle their features together and offer them on their Cloud PBX service. In this case, cost can vary based on how your VoIP provider prices their Cloud PBX service.

Cloud PBX

Some VoIP Providers offer their Cloud PBX as a monthly fee on top of the cost of the numbers and other products you use. This is normally around $25 a month.

Other providers include the cost of their Cloud PBX in the price of their numbers. That being said, you’d have access to Time of Day Routing and all other calling features, including call recording and call forwarding, for the price of your phone number. Plans like this cost around $22.

Whether you add Time of Day Routing as an individual feature or take advantage of everything a Cloud PBX offers, this calling feature allows you focus on your customers regardless of what time they call.