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How SIP Trunking Can Benefit Your Call Center

SIP Trunking continues to be a popular option for call centers looking to reap the benefits of an Internet phone system. Because both SIP Trunking and VoIP eliminate the need for PSTN technology, these new systems are quickly become the prevailing telecom options.  It’s just a matter of time before PSTN technology becomes completely outdated and is no longer a viable option in the business world.

With these advancements in cloud communications, call centers have very little reason to stick to these outdated technologies. Contact centers need to start making the transition to IP technology, and SIP trunking solutions are a great way to get there.

If you are in the call center industry, you are well aware of the customers’ expectations to communicate with you via multiple channels: voice, chat, video, email and social media, among others. The switch to SIP trunking benefit you by helping you integrate multi-media technologies and ensuring that you are able to fulfill you customers’ expectations.

Contact centers have seen productivity gains of 20% or more when using unified communications and multi-channel integration. SIP Trunks assist in productivity gains by allowing for true end-to-end IP connection and increased voice quality.

SIP Trunking Benefits for Call Centers


Not only does SIP trunking contribute to higher voice quality, but it also allows call centers to scale up quickly and easily without incurring high costs.  Contact centers can maximize the value of their network connections as they can easily plan for spikes in call volumes and traffic.

Call centers that have switched from T1/PRI trunks to SIP trunks have seen their costs drop by as much as 30%. The SIP trunking pricing model makes this possible as SIP trunks are usually priced per port or per user. On the other hand, the per channel pricing of PRI trunks can quickly add up.


Further cost savings with SIP trunking come from the fact that call centers can reduce the number of SIP trunks required. Since SIP trunks allow for voice and data services to be combined, they cost significantly less than the traditional methods.

Traditional methodologies require long service periods and physical ports and line cards to be installed in order to increase capacity.  However, SIP trunking providers can quickly make remote changes to help you scale up.  (We are talking about hours versus days!) This can especially benefit call centers dealing with seasonal spikes in call volume, where quick changes are a must.

Global Coverage

SIP trunking benefits are greatly evident when it comes to your call center’s global coverage.  SIP trunking allows you to take your business global by allowing you to manage and access your call center anywhere with an Internet connection.  Not only does this allow you to hire employees to work in any location, you can help accommodate your customers across the globe.

From call centers with a few agents that are just starting out to geographically dispersed contact centers with hundreds and thousands of agents, SIP trunking can reduce costs, help expand your global footprint and increase productivity in your call center.

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