Call Center SIP Trunking Guide – Upgrading to a SIP Call Center in 2018

call center sip trunking

What is Call Center SIP Trunking

Call center SIP trunking refers to a method of delivering voice and data communications used by virtual contact centers. SIP call centers are rapidly replacing traditional PRI solutions by improving functionality and reducing costs for contact centers around the world. 

Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP, is the communications solution that delivers voice and media services through an Internet Protocol (IP) to an IP PBX. PBX's connect telephone extensions to the PSTN as well as internal phone extensions. SIP trunking’s primary function is to enable the convergence of voice and data over a single broadband connection. Instead of traveling over traditional phone lines, the calls use the IP network and route through a broadband connection over the Internet to the PSTN. Domains for that connection can be through a private network or public or both. Using SIP trunking for your business requires a SIP trunk at the same location as your PBX. With these advancements in cloud communications, call centers have very little reason to stick to these outdated technologies. Contact centers need to start making the transition to IP technology, and SIP trunking solutions are a great way to get there.

sip trunking for business

Upgrading to a SIP Call Center

Global SIP trunking for call centers transformed the telecom industry by providing affordable, simple and reliable alternatives to a traditional telephone line and desk phone. It's estimated that only a third of call traffic currently operates through SIP, this is expected to grow to over two thirds over the next two years. As most of you already know, the day to day running of a call center is fast-paced and demanding. Customers want to have the ability to communicate via multiple channels: voice, chat, video, email, and social media, among others. Through SIP trunking it’s possible to achieve increased customer satisfaction and productivity.

Benefits of SIP Trunking for Call Centers

The main driving force behind the transition to SIP call centers is the benefits SIP trunking offers call centers. SIP integrates the phone with the computer and enables contact centers to work more efficiently and yet, at the same time, it’s saving them money.

Cost Reduction

One of the most attractive benefits of SIP trunks is reduced monthly recurring cost. Further cost savings with call center SIP trunking come from the fact that call centers can reduce the number of SIP trunks required. Since SIP trunks allow for voice and data services to be combined, they cost significantly less than the traditional methods.

SIP Failover

SIP trunks can be programmed with pre-determined call routing rules, that will automatically forward inbound calls to alternative call center locations in the event of an outage.

Advanced Call Management Features

An added benefit of migrating to SIP trunking is the ability to integrate third-party application and advanced inbound call management features such as, call recording, call analytics n and call-backs.

Increased Productivity

Through SIP trunking managers can monitor the inbound call flow and staff productivity. This also helps establish call trends and how marketing initiatives or other activity affect call volume and staffs respond time.


SIP service providers usually offer unlimited channels that are easy to order, quickly provisioned and accessible almost immediately. This gives call center management the flexibility to maximize the value of their network connections as they can easily plan for spikes in call volume.

Improved Call Quality

SIP not only allows businesses to access calls at reduced rates but also offers better call quality.

SIP Trunking for Call Centers

When rolling out any new system into your business it’s advisable you have a strategic plan in place to avoid any unnecessary downtimes and issues. Key factors include:

Check Your Current System Compatibility with Your Call Center SIP Trunk Service

Once you have decided to migrate your Call Centre to a SIP Trunking solution the next step is to identify if your existing phone system can be integrated.

Select Your Call Center SIP Trunk Provider Carefully

The next step would be to select the ideal service provider and map-out how the SIP Trunking will be deployed across your network.  In recent years there has been an immense flood of new IP telecoms suppliers, while there may be a large selection of providers to choose from its important to remember that not all will offer the same stability, infrastructure, and experience.

SIP Call Center Trial Period

Some service providers offer a free or risk -free trial period, which allows you to test out their system with no long-term commitment.  This is an ideal opportunity to test not only the system but also the provider before deployment.

Ensure a Smooth Deployment

Before deploying to your SIP Trunking, it's essential to have a detailed plan and educate your staff about the changes and working on the new system.  As SIP trunking is a virtual system the deployment process is usually simple and issue free.

Choosing the Best Call Center SIP Trunk Provider for You

Although choosing the right SIP trunking provider might seem like an overwhelming task, it’s not as hard as it looks!  If you have a clear understanding of your business’s communications needs and keep the criteria we outlined above in mind, you’ll have all the tools you need to make the right choice. Other important things to consider include.

  • The size of your network, future potential growth, and the service providers network capacity and reliability.
  • The service providers reliability and industry experience.
  • Deployment timeframe.
  • Overall costs (set-up costs, monthly fees, and additional charges).

Interested in Setting up Call Center SIP Trunking?

AVOXI is a leading global SIP trunk provider with extensive experience of deploying the system across networks of varying size and dynamics.  The benefits of purchasing SIP trunks with AVOXI include:

  • Direct interconnects and partnerships with local carriers around the world allow AVOXI to offer the most competitive call rates worldwide.
  • Hosted data centers on three continents provide global redundancy and ensure reliable call quality in any region.
  • Office locations all over the world allow AVOXI to provide 24/7 technical support (English and Spanish support available).
  • You can activate new channels and lines instantly from within the AVOXI Core User Interface.
  • All AVOXI services include 20+ business features like IVR, teleconferencing, and 15 days of free call recording.
  • Earn credit and get paid when you port existing phone numbers to AVOXI.
  • With AVOXI, there are no startup fees or minimum contracts. Test our SIP trunk solutions risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Call Center SIP Trunking

How many concurrent calls per SIP trunk?

Standard SIP trunks from AVOXI come with as many as 480 virtual SIP channels. This means you can support just as many concurrent calls for each SIP trunk you provision. There is no limit on how many SIP trunks you can provision to a single account. If you are unsure of your SIP trunk channel requirements, an AVOXI specialist can assist you.

Which countries are accessible when I buy SIP trunks?

Call center SIP trunking from AVOXI includes international dialing to virtually every global destination.

How long does it take to set up my SIP call center?

AVOXI activates new customer accounts within 24-48 hours. In most cases, your international SIP trunks can be activated the same day. Once you are an AVOXI customer, you may buy SIP trunks online and activate them within minutes through your AVOXI user portal.

Can I buy SIP trunk channels online?

Yes. All call center SIP trunk services include access to AVOXI’s Online Portal, where you can self-provision new SIP trunks, modify your service setting, and much more.