How to Achieve Call Tracking Perfection


Call tracking is essential in every business, from large corporations with big marketing departments, to startups with just a few small marketing campaigns. Call tracking allows a company to see the success of their marketing efforts based on the number of incoming calls they receive.

No matter how carefully you label and track each phone number, call tracking is still a tricky business. It can be difficult to monitor and pinpoint which parts of your marketing strategies are actually working, and which ones aren't.

In this article we’ll explore how to achieve call tracking perfection so your business can truly see the successful outcome of your sales and marketing efforts.

Use Unique Numbers for Each Marketing Campaign and Lead Source

Your marketing campaigns are only as successful as you can prove them to be. If you are running a marketing campaign that advertises your main phone number, how do you know if you’re receiving a new customer because of a particular ad or piece of content?

This is why it is important to offer a separate marketing phone number that’s set up to ring your business for each advertising campaign that you run. This allows you to attribute each new customer that calls that number to the success of your efforts and thus, demonstrate the value of continued marketing campaigns.

Use Different Numbers for Each of Your Departments

If you’re a company with several departments, such as sales, customer support and IT, it is often helpful to use different phone numbers for each department. This can help you better track the incoming calls that each department receives. You’ll just need to look at the call log of each number to see the call history of a specific department. This can help you better manage your workforce by seeing which department has the biggest influx of calls and ensuring there are enough employees to handle the calls.

There is also an added benefit for customers; with different phone numbers for each department, your callers won’t need to wait in a queue for the wrong department, just to be later transferred. They will immediately reach the department best suited to handle their needs.

Integrate Your Tracking Systems

Your business probably uses a variety of tracking tools and softwares to measure and monitor the success of your marketing efforts. But, are they working together?

Many software applications can now be integrated to give you a full view of your campaigns. For instance, you can see when a potential customer saw one of your ads, clicked on it and then picked up the phone to call you. This kind of information gives you incredible insights into the success of your campaign. It also helps you efficiently track the incoming call and the history of the caller. This additional information gives your employees a clear idea of what the potential caller wants or needs so they can better assist them.

Call Tracking: Your Key to Proving Marketing Success

Call tracking is a simple but effective way to see the effectiveness of your company’s sales and marketing campaigns. Incoming calls to your business are an obvious sign that your message is getting across to potential customers, and it’s essential that you measure this success with effective call tracking.

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