How to Dial a 800 Number from Mexico

Let's discuss how to dial an 800 number from Mexico so you can ensure that your customers in this country can successfully contact your business.


For customers, calling a business abroad can be quite a feat. Every phone number has its own unique dialing format. And for different countries, phone numbers can even have different quantities of digits. Because of this, some callers have trouble contacting businesses in other countries. This is why our blog often discusses how to dial certain numbers or how to reach different countries. In this article, we’ll discuss how to dial a 800 number from Mexico so you can ensure that your customers in this country can successfully contact your business.

Calling a US Toll Free Number

800 numbers are toll free numbers formatted to work throughout the United States. These phone numbers are formatted in a way that lets customers know that the number is free to dial. To call these numbers within the United States, you can simply dial the number as formatted.

It is possible to call these numbers outside of the United States, but you may have to change the way you dial them in order to reach the recipient successfully.

Calling an 800 Number from Mexico

Like we discussed above, calling a US toll free number outside of the United States may require a little more work. Calling a 800 number from Mexico, specifically, just requires you to format the phone number a little differently.

To successfully dial this number, you need to change the 800 prefix of the number. Instead, dial 001 then 880 and then the rest of the phone number.

For example: if the US toll free number is 800-555-5555, a caller in Mexico would dial: 001-880-555-5555.

As a business listing this phone number, make sure these directions are clearly spelled out so your customers know exactly how to reach you.

Alternatives for your Customers in Mexico

US toll free numbers are popular for businesses that have customers living within the United States because these phone numbers are free for them to call. If you have customers in Mexico that are trying to call your 800 number, you may want to consider an alternative since dialing this number requires a little extra work.

One good alternative would be to set up a Mexico toll free number. These numbers work similarly in the sense that they are free for your customers in Mexico to dial. But instead, it's already formatted to work in this country and thus, doesn't require any additional formatting. This number can be set up to forward calls to the phone and phone number of your choice so you'll never miss a customer's call.

As a business, you want to make sure that your customers can reach you extremely easily. For current customers, this ensures that they will be able to reach you if they ever have an issue or want to expand their service. For potential customers, you want them to be able to reach you so you can hopefully earn their business.

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