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Setting up 1800 numbers in the USA is quick and easy.

Setting up 1800 numbers in the USA is quick and easy.

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Expand with a USA Toll Free Number

A USA toll free number allows callers in the United States and Canada to reach your business free of charge. Because of their dial-code, USA toll free numbers are also known as 1800 numbers. When you get a 1800 number in the USA, you instantly connect your business to the largest economy in the world.

USA 1800 Numbers for Business

A friendly business-environment, steady economic growth, and a massive consumer market make USA toll free numbers a popular service for local and international companies. The benefits of getting a 1800 number for business include:

  • Callers in the USA are more likely to reach out to companies that use 1800 numbers.
  • USA 1800 numbers include toll free coverage from Canada and the Caribbean
  • Toll free numbers create a professional appearance for your business.
  • Getting a 1800 in the USA is easy and does not require additional hardware.
  • Toll free 1800 numbers are easy to remember and help your business stand out.
  • With low rates from AVOXI, local and international call forwarding is affordable for companies of any size.
  • Custom call forwarding rules allow you to route calls on a flexible schedule.
  • Getting USA toll free numbers takes less than 48 hours with AVOXI.
  • AVOXI’s Online Portal makes it easy to view call logs and download analytics.
  • USA 1800 numbers from AVOXI include 40+ Cloud PBX features like VoIP call forwarding, hosted call recording, IVR (auto attendant), call grouping, voicemail services and much more!

How Much Do 1800 Numbers Cost in the US?

AVOXI makes it quick and easy to get 1800 numbers in the USA. USA toll free number packages with 400 minutes of talk time included start at $7.99 per month. Pay-as-you-go plans for USA 1800 numbers are available for as little as $4.49 per month. Call charges vary by expected volume, with larger packages offering average rates below $0.01 per-minute. If you expect large call volumes or are unsure of how much call traffic to expect, reach out to an AVOXI specialist for a custom quote and discounted rates.

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Get 40+ VoIP Features When You Buy a USA Toll Free Number

Toll free 1800 numbers from AVOXI come with more than 40 business-class VoIP features. Manage your phone numbers and their settings from the AVOXI Core Online Portal. Quickly customize call forwarding rules, view analytics and reports, self-provision new numbers for your business, and much more.

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How to Buy 1800 Numbers in the USA

AVOXI makes it simple and cost-effect to get 1800 numbers in the USA. To purchase a 1800  number or get custom pricing today:

  1.  Complete the short form and an AVOXI representative will contact you shortly about any questions you have about USA toll free number service.
  2. Speak directly with an AVOXI ITFS specialist. Dial any of our toll free numbers to reach a representative.
  3. Choose a USA 1800 number from our Online Shopping Cart and set up service online. Don’t see the toll free number you need? Let us know and we will order it for you!
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More About Doing Business in America

The United States commands the largest GDP in the world. It is also one of the most diversified global economies. Key American industries include real estate, finance, manufacturing, retail trade and information technology. The USA also leads the world in computer and pharmaceutical sales, as well as the manufacturing of medical, aerospace, and military equipment. America’s top trade partners include Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, the UK, Germany, South Korea, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong.

Have Questions About USA Toll Free Service or Custom Pricing Plans?

Frequently Asked Questions: USA 1800 Numbers

How long does it take to get a 1800 number for my business?

AVOXI provisions USA toll free numbers in under 48 hours. In many cases, your 1800 number is active the following business day.

Can I get a custom 1800 number?

USA toll free numbers that spell out your brand name or service are known as toll free vanity phone numbers. To check on a vanity number for your business, let us know and an AVOXI representative will contact you shortly about the availability of your custom phone number.

Are calls made to 1800 numbers toll free in Canada?

Yes. Canadian callers dial your toll free 1800 number at no charge.

Which USA toll free number prefixes does AVOXI offer?

All of them! AVOXI is a leading provider of 844, 855, 866, and 877 numbers. We added 833 numbers to our inventory in April, 2017.

Can I look up 1800 number availability?

You may view available 1800 numbers in our Online Shopping Cart.

Note: AVOXI keeps more phone numbers in inventory than displayed in the shopping cart. In addition, AVOXI can secure new toll free numbers in under 48 hours. If you do not see the number you seek, contact AVOXI for assistance.

Can I use VoIP services from AVOXI with my current USA toll free number?

Yes, you simply need to port your existing business number to AVOXI. Porting USA toll free numbers is quick and easy. Learn more about porting your 1800 number here.

Are 1800 numbers used in other countries besides the USA and Canada?

Yes. Countries that use the 1800 prefix for toll free numbers include: Australia, Ireland, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Israel, Vietnam, Thailand, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic.

Note: Toll free numbers are assigned at the country level. If a customer calls a USA 1800 number from Australia they will be charged for the call and vice-versa.

More About USA Toll Free Number Service

USA toll free numbers start with 1 8 followed by nine digits. The international toll free service (ITFS) format for a USA phone number is:

  • 1 8XX XXX XXXX

The most common type of toll free numbers in the USA are 1800 numbers. These are also known as “true” 800 numbers. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulates toll free service in the United States.

What other services can AVOXI offer to help my business?

In addition to toll free numbers in the USA and around the world, popular business phone services from AVOXI include:

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