Why International Companies Need Local Presence Dialing & Caller ID Service

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Reaching customers and sharing a connection with them is important to international outbound sales. Cold calling is often used to win new customers, but with so many potentially fraudulent robocalls received on a daily basis, people are weary to answer the phone for non-local numbers. 

Your success relies on your team’s performance. But your outbound sales teams can only be as successful as the phone numbers provided. If your KPIs indicate a low call answer rate, you may feel there's nothing you can do to convince consumers to answer the phone. Luckily, there is an easy fix that has proven to make consumers more comfortable answering cold calls– and it’s called local presence dialing. 

What Is Local Presence Dialing?

Local presence dialing is a VoIP technology that allows your sales teams to use a local area code when making outbound calls. It goes by many other names as well:

  • Full PSTN replacement
  • Local VoIP termination
  • Two-way voice 
  • Local caller ID service

This means that a local caller ID will display on the recipient's phone when the call comes through. In a world where scammers are prevalent and cell phones warn recipients of potential spam calls, local presence dialing is a great way for legitimate businesses to reach ideal clients. 

Global Cases for Local Presence Dialing and Caller ID

Building New Business Opportunities in Untapped Markets

B2B companies whose sales rely on high-value revenue opportunities gain significant benefits from Local Presence Dialing and caller ID service. With a sales model that often includes large volumes of high-touch calls to close the deal, Local Presence Dialing and caller ID allow these businesses to increase their outbound answer rate and drive pipeline. 

Local Presence Dialing phone numbers enable sales teams to make cold calls to prospective businesses. That way, they can educate and build awareness around their products, such as software and manufacturing, and move qualified prospects down the funnel. 

Upscaling the Brand Experience

Global contact centers that engage with customers across multiple geographies use Local Presence Dialing and caller ID service to support their inbound and outbound call strategy. This phone number type provides an upscale brand experience for consumers of brands in the luxury retail, technology, travel, hospitality, and logistics space. 

Their service and sales teams are facilitating greater volumes of customer conversations– but using a far less complex service and sales process. When a call back to the customer is required, the agents can place the call and display a local area code their contact will recognize.

Delivering Urgent Advice

Companies that must deliver expertise to address focused customer or patient issues, within a specific timeframe, depend on the reliability of Local Presence Dialing and caller ID service to ensure their customers recognize and trust the numbers their experts are calling from to support their extended conversations. 

Frontline representatives of industries such as healthcare, medical, and ethics programs use these phone numbers to place important - often urgent - follow-up calls to their contacts to offer advice or chat through the next steps in their journey. 

Why Do Companies Need Local Presence Caller ID?

The idea behind local presence dialing is that when making calls, recipients will be more likely to answer a local phone number than they would an unknown area code or 800 number. 

Think about it– when your caller ID displays an unfamiliar phone number, chances are slim that you’ll answer. But if it’s a local number, you automatically think it’s more important and a local business, drastically increasing the chances of you picking up the phone. 

Local presence dialing helps improve engagement and experiences for prospects and customers. Businesses should consider implementing local caller ID best practices because it helps with…

1. International Outbound Sales

The truth is that consumers like to do business with companies they know, enjoy and trust. When shopping locally, they feel they are more likely to have a personalized conversation– speaking with local people and experiencing better customer service. 

By displaying a local Caller ID area code, local presence dialing gives global businesses the perception of having a physical presence and provides call recipients a feeling of security– increasing their likelihood of answering the phone. In return, this helps your international sales teams to grow outbound call answer rates and enhance your team’s sales efforts. 

2. Familiarity Sets a Comfortable Tone

The numbers say it all, really. Research from Software Advice shows that only 7% of people are likely to answer calls from unknown caller ID. When using a local number, they are 4X more likely to answer the call. 

People are just more comfortable speaking to people who they share similarities with– specifically geography, otherwise known as their “home.” 

3. Prospects and Customers Return Local Calls

72% of cold calls don’t get through to a human. That’s a lot of voicemails…most of which never get a call back. But with local presence dialing, return calls are more prevalent because of the area code familiarity. 

So not only are your customers more likely to answer the call in the first place with local presence dialing, but if they don’t happen to answer, your reps are much more likely to get another opportunity to sell to the prospect once they call back.

Local Presence Dialing FAQs

TrueLocal is AVOXI’s local presence dialing service. This local voice with two-way calling is a great way for global organizations to help their sales and customer service teams increase prospective call answer rates with local caller ID for outbound calls. 

The AVOXI Platform enables you to use PBX SIP trunking to integrate local presence dialing and guaranteed caller ID service to your existing CCaaS, CPaaS and UCaaS phone systems. 

Integrations include Twilio, Microsoft Teams, Nice inContact, Five9, Asterisk, Avaya and more. View a full list of our integrations here.

Giving your business a local presence won’t be effective if the call audio quality is poor. The AVOXI Platform has exceptional voice quality around the globe– averaging 4.2 MOS and 99.995% uptime with 24/7 enterprise-grade support and proactive account monitoring. Additionally, with Call Insights, you can support customers' experiences with your reps by monitoring and tracking your audio performance with precision and accuracy. 

This really depends on your carrier and its available network coverage. The AVOXI Platform’s coverage for full PSTN replacement services is available in 80+ countries worldwide, including the Asia-Pacific region. Check out the full list of available countries here

Easily Expand Local Presence Calling with TrueLocal

Are you ready to leverage your PBX phone system to help your sales teams work smarter, not harder? Local presence dialing services enable your business to look local and sell locally without an in-country presence. As your organization expands its global reach, it’s a sure way to help your sales reps get in front of locals with very little friction. 

With its full suite of communications capabilities and extensive reach, The AVOXI Platform’s TrueLocal is a quick win for you and your teams. Get started with TrueLocal today.


Look Local & Sell Local

Make personal connections and increase global answer rates without having a physical market presence. Local presence dialing + caller ID is the way to go.