New AVOXI Core Feature: Call Tracking

As a marketer, you spend valuable budget every day on advertising campaigns that bring in new leads and prospects. And with the help of your sales team, you can turn these leads into new business.

But, it’s not enough to just bring in leads. If you want to continue bringing in new leads without exceeding your marketing budget, you need to know exactly where those leads are coming from. And unfortunately, many marketers have no idea what is really bringing in their inbound phone leads.

Introducing the AVOXI Core Call Tracking Feature

With the AVOXI Core Call Tracking feature, you can easily track the success of individual marketing campaigns. This essential feature allows marketers and business owners alike to see their calls as events in Google Analytics and conversions in Google AdWords.

AVOXI Core, a hosted business phone system platform, automatically maps valuable call information into Google Analytics. Call data available in Google Analytics includes:

  • Number dialed
  • Country of origin
  • Date and time the call was received
  • Campaign name

AVOXI Core Call Tracking Feature Benefits

The AVOXI Core Call Tracking Integration combines the reliability and flexibility of our hosted business phone system with powerful analytical capabilities the of the Google suite. This combinations allows business owners to easily track the success of every campaign without buying yet another software application to go along with their hosted phone system.

Measure the Success of Your Marketing Efforts

To track the success of any marketing campaign, simply add campaign tagging to the associated telephone number. Track inbound calls made to these phone numbers in Google Analytics and Google AdWords using events, goals, and conversions.

Streamline Business Operations

There’s an app for everything, including call tracking. But, why buy yet another software application when you could get the same functionality from your hosted business phone system? With the AVOXI Core Call Tracking feature, you can manage your business phone service and track your marketing efforts – no need for additional apps or tracking tools.

How Does AVOXI Core Call Tracking Work?

The AVOXI Core Call Tracking feature is easy to use, and even easier to configure. Simply add your Google Analytics tracking code and campaign tag to the number you wish to track, and Google Analytics will automatically start tracking your calls as events.

To track conversions, all you have to do is set up goals in Google Analytics and AdWords that are triggered by the campaign tag that you added to your AVOXI Core platform.

And that’s it. With just a few steps, you can start monitoring, measuring, and improving your marketing efforts.

Watch the video to learn more:

Be a Better Marketer with Call Tracking

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