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Overcoming Challenges with VPN Technology

Overcoming Challenges with VPN Technology Banner

While cloud-based communication allows for full-featured telephony services over the Internet, security requirements may require use of a VPN to prevent vulnerabilities if connections require strict security measures. Additionally, different regions have strict protocols for using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technologies.

VPN Key Benefits

  • Secure connection for multi-office locations
  • Remote employees connect securely to internal systems
  • Enables use of cloud-based technology while providing encrypted connections

VoIP restrictions and challenges are prevalent in certain countries and regions. Those challenges hinder the ability of businesses in those locations to fully manage their telephony costs and business phone systems. Remote Access VPN (Virtual Private Network) offers a solution to help manage telephony connections with remote workers or agents.

VPN Technology Solutions

For one client with clusters of contact centers and remote agents located around the world, the solution provided by AVOXI resolved key communication issues. Remote users download the VPN software client, install a compatible softphone, and individually log into access AVOXI’s cloud-based servers to use telephony services and virtual contact center software.

The added benefit to using the remote-access VPN solution is that it permits secure, encrypted connections. Contact centers in locations such as China, Philippines, and North America can easily manage inbound calls while the client gains the benefits of using VoIP technology combined with a cloud-based solution and competitive rates.

Another client uses AVOXI’s VPN solution to serve as the gateway connection to a SIP trunk that ties into their server. For the travel and hospitality client, inbound and outbound calls come from and go to 10+ countries. Tunneling through to their server allows the client to better manage their call center functions and realize cost savings from virtual numbers and competitive VoIP calling rates across several countries.

Whether remote-access or site-to-site, use of a VPN connection allows clients wanting the additional security of an encrypted connection to leverage cloud-based communication for full-featured telephone services over the Internet. By doing so, customers still realize the lower costs, robust functionality, and hosted operations of solutions provided in the cloud.