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Problems with Cloud Hosted PBX Software

Cloud PBXs have transformed the way that businesses manage their telecommunication needs.  They are a popular choice because they offer the features and accessibility of an expensive on-site business phone system without the hardware and price tag.  Despite this, problems with cloud hosted PBX software can occur.  We’ll discuss common issues you might experience and how you can troubleshoot these problems.

Features aren’t available

Every cloud hosted PBX software provider is different.  That being said, not all VoIP phone features are available from every provider.  If you find that you don’t have access to a specific feature, it’s time to do some investigating.

It’s possible that this feature simply isn’t activated.  You may be able to change this through your own settings, or you may need to reach out to your provider to do it for you.

However, it’s also possible that the cloud hosted PBX software you’ve chosen simply doesn’t offer that feature.  That’s why it’s always important to do your homework before you choose a provider.  You want to make sure you have access to all the functionality you need now and may need in the future.

Connectivity and call issues

Another potential problem with cloud hosted PBX software is connectivity.  If you’re new to cloud hosted PBXs or VoIP in general, you may be unaware of the Internet requirements for running such an advanced system.  If you’re experiencing connectivity issues with your calls or experiencing poor sound quality during calls, you may not have enough bandwidth to support this system.

To alleviate this issue, talk to your Internet provider about the usage you expect now that you’re using a new phone system, and they can help you decide if you need to upgrade your Internet service.

Because of this common issue, it’s good practice to contact your Internet provider before you choose a cloud hosted PBX software.  Their input and expertise is an important factor in choosing a provider and system.

Software integration issues

Cloud hosted PBX software is known for its flexibility and adaptability.  This is exemplified in its ability to integrate with a number of other VoIP softwares.  Many CRMs, for instance, can be integrated with cloud hosted PBX software to help streamline your business operations.  If you’re having problems with cloud hosted PBX software related to integration, there could be a few issues at play.

For example, it’s possible that your CRM or your cloud hosted PBX software is not set up properly.  If you think this is the case, consult your provider for help so you ensure that the two systems are communicating efficiently together.  The other issue could be that your provider doesn’t offer integration for that specific software.  Every provider supports their own specific list of software, so it’s important to do your research before you purchase a cloud PBX.

As you can see, most problems with cloud hosted PBX software can be easily alleviated.  One important tip we offer is to fully understand the functionality of your cloud hosted PBX before you purchase it.  This will help you avoid these common problems and allow you to full utilize your new cloud hosted PBX software.