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Securing Your Cloud Communications with VPN Solutions

Today, most businesses use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions to communicate with customers. VoIP communications allow any business, from startups to enterprise-level companies, to access affordable and flexible voice service anywhere in the world.

And for most of these businesses, cloud-based communications are the perfect solution. VoIP solutions are more efficient than traditional, on-premise systems, and they're more cost-effective, too.

But, some companies require additional security for calls and data transmitted over the Internet. And though the cloud has many benefits, it's only real potential downside is a perceived lack of security.

Enter the Virtual Private Network (VPN): an easy-to-use solution that uses an encrypted path (or tunnel) from a provider's network to the customer's site through the public Internet.

With VPN solutions, companies can safely and securely transmit data without in the cloud. You get all the flexibility and reliability of the cloud, plus the added security of an encrypted connection.

How do VPN solutions work?

A VPN acts much like a firewall. Just as a firewall protects the data on your computer, VPN solutions protect your online data from hackers and other security threats.

To do this, Virtual Private Networks use a security method called IP security (IPSec) to build a secure path from the cloud communications provider network to the customer's site through the Internet. VPNs are so secure because they use a combination of two security measures: a dedicated connection, and encryption protocols. Even if a hacker was able to get hold of some of your data, they would not be able to actually access it because of the encryption.

Is a VPN solution right for my business?

Remote access VPN solutions have become increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. But, they are particularly useful for companies that:

  • Work with multiple freelancers or contractors
  • Need to communicate securely between multiple branch offices
  • Communicate highly sensitive information via the cloud

How do I choose the best VPN solution?

If you are considering a remote access VPN solution for your business, there are a few things you should be aware of. Before you start shopping for the best provider, ask yourself these two key questions about your business:

What is the general level of technical expertise at my company?

On the whole, VPN solutions are easy to set up and use. But, you will need to consider how much of the heavy lifting your company is prepared to do. If you're in doubt, it's best to choose a provider that will handle the setup and provisioning for everyone on your team.

What hardware and software applications does my business rely on?

Not all VPN solutions are created equal. Before you start looking for a Virtual Private Network provider, be sure to make a list of all the communications applications your business uses on a daily basis. Keep this list handy as you speak with potential providers and make sure that their VPN solution is compatible with your existing hardware and software.

VPN Solutions from AVOXI

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