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Take Your Small Business Global with VoIP

VoIP technology is changing the way business around the world is done. No longer are companies bound by wires and brick-and-mortar offices. VoIP now gives small businesses the opportunity to compete in the marketplace by offering them a global presence for an affordable price. In this article we’ll talk about the advantages of Internet based communication and how you can truly take your small business global with VoIP.

International phone numbers

VoIP technology allows you to take advantage of International phone numbers. Whether your customers are located in a small town in the United States or another another country around the world like Italy or Australia, there are phone numbers available for you to easily communicate with them.

The great thing about VoIP is that you don’t have to be located within a specific country to have a virtual phone number for it. This can give your company the appearance of a local or even global company to your customers.

Answer calls anywhere

VoIP also impacts the way you answer your calls. Your new virtual phone number works over the Internet so your company has a lot of flexibility on the behavior of your calls. The greatest advantage with VoIP is the ability to send and receive calls on the device of your choosing, a landline, mobile or VoIP phone. You also have the ability to use your virtual phone number anywhere with an Internet connection.

Your small business can truly go global by never missing a business call from your International customers.

Work anywhere

VoIP technology doesn’t just transform your phone calls, it also has advantages on the way you conduct business.

This technology allows you to truly take your business to the road. With VoIP, you can work anywhere so your business really has the ability to go global. You have the ability to visit clients around the world, utilize a virtual office and even hire remote employees all while still focusing on your business.