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VPN Use in a VoIP System

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Cloud communications provides full-featured phone services over the Internet. Additional security is often a concern. This whiteboard session addresses the use of VPNs to address that concern. Also, review the SIP Trunking and Gateway whiteboard sessions and gain insight on how all the pieces work together.


Hey guys, welcome back to another installment of our whiteboard presentation.

Today what we're going to go through is VPNs, what are they and how do you use them in a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) environment.

So first of all, VPN (Virtual Private Network), so what we'll do is we'll quickly show you on the board here, just drawing out 2 simple scenarios. So we have a client network on this side and we've got the AVOXI network there, and if you're outside of your network at the office, we've got a computer down here.

So the first thing is, what is a VPN? As it stands, Virtual Private Network, it just simply connects the AVOXI network and your network together. So, it's a simple site to site from one firewall we would connect up and we just do that.

Now what does that give you? That gives you some additional security so that if I am on the outside world I cannot see what is happening between these two sites over here. It creates a secure tunnel between your environment and the AVOXI environment. So it's a simple easy thing, we provide you setting on what needs to be done on our firewall and you would set those up on your network as well.

So now, how does that work in a VOIP environment? Once we have that we now go ahead and create the SIP trunk; the SIP trunk would still be connecting our cloud based PABX system through the firewall to your PABX on your side on the public IP address space; so we're not using private IP address space we still use the public IP which is the 199 or 204, something along those lines and we would connect through that.

Now, how that helps you is the outside world is not able to see what is transpiring between your system and our system. If you're in the business where you need additional security, you would need a VPN structure.

However now, what happens if you're on a cloud based system with AVOXI and you step outside of your network so you don't have that, that's not a problem. We can create a VPN to your computer.

So you just put a VPN client that runs on your computer, works exactly the same, we create that tunnel over there to your computer, and your softphone that runs on your computer for your phone will then also go through there and into the AVOXI system.

And that is a very basic high level of why you need a VPN, what is a VPN and how it will work.

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