Cloud Phone Numbers - Everything You Need to Know in 2020

Cloud Phone Number Update

Cloud telephone service transformed the way companies do business. With a cloud-based digital phone number, local and international business number service is more flexible and affordable than anyone would have thought possible a few decades ago.

In this quick guide, we’ll address common questions about cloud phone numbers, including:

  • What a cloud phone number is
  • The different types of digital phone lines for business
  • How cloud telephone service works
  • How much cloud phone numbers cost

What is a Cloud Phone Number

A cloud phone number is a virtual phone number for business that operates through the internet. Unlike a standard phone number, cloud phone numbers don’t require hardware or on-site technology. Cloud-based phone numbers operate via "VoIP"  (Voice over Internet Protocol), meaning that you simply need a reliable internet connection to set up hosted phone numbers around the world.

Most Popular Types of Cloud-based Phone Numbers

The three most common types of cloud telephone numbers are:

  1. Hosted 800 Numbers (Toll Free)
  2. Hosted DID Numbers (Local)
  3. Universal International Freephone (UIFN)

Which type of cloud number is best for your business needs depends on a variety of factors.

Hosted 800 Numbers

Hosted 800 numbers are also known as toll free, freephone, free-call or ITFS numbers. These hosted business numbers allow callers to contact a company without being charged long-distance call rates. Calls made to an international toll free number can be forwarded to a landline, mobile phone or VoIP phone. These numbers cannot always be reached from international callers.

Hosted DID Numbers

Hosted DID numbers are cloud numbers with a local area code attached to them. They allow callers to reach your business for the same rate as a local call, even if you forward the call internationally. Hosted DID numbers are popular with companies trying to establish a local appearance in a specific region for when callers from many countries don’t mind paying long-distance rates to reach you.

Universal 800 Numbers

A Universal International Freephone Number, or UIFN, is a toll free number that can be called from multiple countries around the world. UIFN service is regulated by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and can only be accessed from countries that participate in the program, which includes about 50 members. Restrictions are not identical across all countries participating.

Cloud Phone Numbers for Business

The benefits of setting up cloud-based hosted phone numbers with AVOXI include:

  • Get 20+ business features like auto attendant, global call forwarding, audio conferencing and more at no extra cost.
  • Establish a local presence in multiple locations without the cost of a physical office location.
  • Gain flexibility, with call forwarding to any landline or mobile device, regardless of your location.
  • Activate your first cloud number in 24 – 48 hours or less and set up new numbers instantly.
  • 24/7 technical support is available anytime you may need assistance.
  • There are no minimum contracts or cancellation fees.
  • Earn up to $1,000 in credit when you transfer your existing business numbers to AVOXI.
  • Test our industry-leading call quality for 30 days risk-free.

How Much Do Hosted Phone Numbers Cost?

Cloud phone numbers or virtual number pricing is based on the number type, country, and expected call volume. AVOXI offers competitive rates for toll free numbers in over 120 countries and local numbers in over 2,500 cities worldwide. Below we an estimated price for each phone number service, with more specific pricing available on our  Online Shopping Cart.

Hosted 800 Number Pricing

Toll free numbers from popular service locations like Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico and the United Kingdom start as low as $7.99 per month. Hosted 800 numbers in the US and Canada start as low as $4.49 per month. The more calls you expect to make, the lower your average per-minute call charges will be.

Hosted DID Number Pricing

The cost of a local VoIP number is based on the number location and the amount of inbound call traffic. Local numbers from popular countries like Australia, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Spain and the United Kingdom start as low as $4.49 per month. The more calls you expect to make, the lower your average per-minute call charges will be.

Best Practices When Speaking to Cloud Number Providers

This guide gives you an overview of each cloud phone number service, and which is suited to your varying business’s needs.  Before comparing providers, we recommend you identify your businesses current and future needs. With so many providers in the market, it's wise to remember cheaper is not always better.  An established and reputable company gives you stability and will help instill trust in with your own client base.  Other important things to consider include:

  • Which provider offers the most cost-effective minute bundle package?
  • Which provider offers the call management features you require and what additional monthly fees are involved?
  • Which provider offers good call quality and around the clock customer service?

Yes, you may set up virtual number call forwarding to your mobile device in the AVOXI Core interface.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cloud phone system?

Also known as a hosted PBX phone system, cloud-based phone systems connect to your IP or Internet phone.  This eliminates the need for expensive bulky hardware and cables.  Calls can be forwarded to phone number or device, ensuring you will never miss a call and allowing employees to better manage their productivity.

How long does it take to activate my cloud phone number?

AVOXI provides local and toll free virtual phone numbers in less than 48 hours. In most cases, your virtual business number is activated the following business day.

I already have a hosted phone number, but I want to save money or use AVOXI's hosted number services. What can I do?

To reduce call costs or use our Cloud PBX with an existing business number, simply port your current phone number to AVOXI. Porting phone numbers is a simple process. Learn more about setting up service with your existing number here.

Can I have calls made to my cloud phone number forwarded to my mobile device?

Yes, you may set up virtual number call forwarding to your mobile device in the AVOXI Core interface.