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Cloud Call Center Solutions

As a call center software solution, the AVOXI Genius cloud contact center serves the unique needs of multiple business models. Outbound, blended, and inbound call center solutions can be customized for your use-case. Increase productivity, reduce costs, and easily scale with a custom contact center solution. Find out what a cloud-based call center solution can do for your business today!

contact center solutions

Call Center Solutions by Type

Blended Cloud Contact Center
Inbound Call Center
Outbound Call Center

Customer Service Contact Center

Remote Call Center
Simple Call Center

Contact Center Solutions by Industry

AVOXI excels at integrating technology and overlaying cost-effective contact center solutions. Ranging from providing international toll free numbers to setting up call management platforms for reservations centers, we provide a comprehensive cloud call center solutions to help companies achieve their desired results.

Airlines and Travel Agencies

Help Desks

Banking and Finance

Hospitality, Hotels, and Resorts

Construction and Manufacturing

Insurance Agencies

eCommerce and Retail Stores

Legal Offices



Employment and Recruitment

Outsourcing (BPO)

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Real Estate

Call Center Solutions by Size

Small & Medium Call Center Solutions

For call centers of 5-49 agents.

Enterprise Call Center Solutions

For call centers with 50+ agents.

Contact Center Solutions by Business Need

Digital Phone Lines

International Calling

Call Center Routing

Web-Based Call Center

Call Center Quality Assurance

Agent Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

With AVOXI Genius, setting up your cloud-based call center takes less than 1 business day. In most cases, new customers are active in just a couple of hours. After signup, you can instantly self-provision new users, phone lines, and much more instantly from your online user interface. 

As a cloud-based call center solution, AVOXI Genius can be used anywhere where you have a stable internet connection (150 kbps per simultaneous call recommended).

24/7 phone support is available to all AVOXI Genius customers. You can also access the AVOXI Genius support team via email anytime, or open support tickets from your login. 

AVOXI Genius is designed to give you complete control over your contact center solution. After signing up, you can add, edit, and remove users instantly from your own user interface. You can also activate toll free or local phone lines from 160+ countries instantly. 

In addition to the top cloud-based call center solutions for expanding companies, popular services from AVOXI include digital phone lines from 160+ countries and SIP trunking services.

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