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Solutions for Home Based Call Center Agents


More and more call centers are moving toward the home-based call center agent model, and it’s not hard to see why. Call centers that employ remote agents gain access to a broader talent pool, and agents that work from home enjoy greater flexibility. Setting up a virtual call center allows you to leverage the benefits of using home-based or remote agents.

To implement and maintain a successful work-at-home program, businesses need just as much visibility if not more into remote agent activities as they have for agents that work on-site. AVOXI’s virtual call center software, Smart Queue, provides businesses with the flexibility and functionality they need to monitor, manage, and optimize home-based agent performance. Virtual call center software also provides the benefits of simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability.

Key Features Drive Work from Home Call Center Success

Call centers that employ work-at-home agents require specific features and functionality to ensure that agent performance remains high and customers’ needs are served. Work-from-home call center programs also require visibility into agent activity, both in real-time and on the record.

Together, features like real time call monitoring, call whisper, call barge, call recording, real time and historical reporting, and the quality assurance suite support a successful work-from-home program in call centers of all sizes.

Live Call Monitoring

Call center supervisor tool that allows managers to listen to agent calls in real time to coach, train, or provide additional information with two features: call whisper and call barge.

Call Recording

Recorded phone calls support remote agent training and ensure compliance with strict quality assurance standards.

Real Time and Historical Reporting

Know what’s happening in your call center at all times with real time reporting, and gain insight into agent trends and performance with historical data.

Quality Management Feature Set

Create customized Quality Assurance (QA) forms specific to your business’s standards and track agent performance over time with the integrated quality management suite.

Cloud Solutions for Work from Home Call Centers

Browser-based call center solutions, like AVOXI’s Smart Queue platform, provide call centers that support remote agents with a competitive feature set that is easy to set up and manage from anywhere. Call center managers and supervisors can monitor remote agents just as easily as if they were working in the same location. All your remote agents need to get started is a reliable Internet connection and a headset.

Beyond the simplicity and flexibility of cloud solutions for remote agent programs, there are the added benefits of lower agent attrition and lower capital expenses. Agents that work from home are less likely to burn out. That means your business saves on recurring hiring costs to replace agents. Plus, there is no need to allocate space or resources for on-site agents.

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