Inbound Call Center Solutions


An inbound call center requires specific features and functions from a call center solution to support the volume of inbound calls that drive the business. Inbound call center software facilitates a number of functions to handle service requests, support needs, sales inquiries, and more. Features that handle managing agents, routing calls to specific groups or departments, and ensuring first call resolution are fundamental. Virtual or cloud-based inbound call center software provides the added benefits of simplicity, effectiveness, and affordability.

Key Features Drive Inbound Call Center Efficiency

Inbound call centers have specific requirements to ensure they best serve customer or prospect needs and achieve positive outcomes from inbound calls—whether it’s closing a sale, answering a customer’s question satisfactorily, or finalizing a reservation. Specific features and functions help provide the components that ensure call center success.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Provides call routing to distribute inbound calls based on your select rules, such as time-of-day routing and call group/hunt group routing (for specific groups or departments).

Live Call Monitoring

Supervisor tool that allows managers to listen to agent calls to coach, train, or interject information with two features: call whisper and call barge.

Real Time and Historical Reporting

Reporting functions let managers measure agents, queues, call times and more to help evaluate overall performance and access overall quality assurance measures.

Call Recording

Recorded calls serve to help with agent training, ensure agent compliance to assurance standards, and facilitate resolution in customer disputes.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

Performs as a self-service function for customers; the menu options allow inbound callers to route their calls to specific person/department to help decrease wait time and transfers.

Call Queues

Group of agents assigned to address specific inbound call inquiries help manage appropriate and efficient responses to support, billing, and other caller questions.

Cloud Solutions for Inbound Call Centers

A cloud-based or virtual call center solution, such as AVOXI’s Smart Queue, offers a great competitive feature set combined with easy setup and flexibility. Whether you have a single location, multiple locations, remote agents, or a combination, AVOXI’s inbound call center software provides distinct advantages as you address your requirements for flexibility, growth, price, and serving your customers.

Added to the benefits of AVOXI’s inbound call center software is the availability of VoIP or virtual phone numbers for international toll free numbers and local numbers. Our broad range of virtual numbers allows you to create a local appearance if needed and/or establish a global presence—all to enable customers and prospects contacting your business easily and cost free to them.

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