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Flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use call quality monitoring software your business contact center.

Live call monitoring with barge and whisper service

Play call recordings in your browser or download to your device

Custom disposition labels, call quality reports, progress tracking and more

Comes with call center routing, call queue management, IVR, and more

No setup fees. No contracts. Try automatic call quality monitoring risk-free

call monitoring software

Best Call Monitoring Software for Businesses and Call Centers

Call monitoring, or call quality monitoring, is a set of features for improving your customer interactions. Included with any contact center service plan from AVOXI, gain real-time visibility into your customer's interactions with your employees or monitor call quality over time with intelligent analytics. Call quality management includes real-time call monitoring, agent scoring, QA scoring, custom dispositions and many more call management features.

call quality monitoring

The Most Flexible, Affordable Call Monitoring Solution

Call monitoring software is automatically included for all contact center users extensions. No setup cost, no minimum contracts, no hidden fees. Contact us today to schedule a demo or start your risk-free trial!

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Call Quality Monitoring Features for Better Communications

Live Call Monitoring

Live call monitoring gives supervisors the ability to listen to customer-agent interactions in real-time. Managers can use real-time call monitoring without alerting other callers. Supervisors can also use features like call barge and whisper to coach their agents in real-time.

Call Barge and Whisper

Call barge and whisper are real-time call monitoring features. Call barging allows supervisors to step into a conversation whenever required. Call whisper allows supervisors to communicate with an agent without announcing themselves to the instructor. Call barge and whisper are popular agent coaching features and great tools for improving the performance of support, sales, and other inbound teams.

Custom Call Dispositions

Set up your own custom dispositions, or call outcomes, for actionable quality monitoring metrics. You can create unlimited call outcome labels with designated sub-level reason labels for your agents to select.

VoIP Phone Call Recording

Play back call recordings from your browser or download them for distribution and sharing. Easily configure inbound and outbound phone recording settings from any supervisory login. Unlike most providers, AVOXI does not charge additional per-minute rates for storing your office or call center's call recordings.

Agent Call Quality Scoring

Call quality scoring allows contact center supervisors and managers grade agent performance during calls. Get an end-to-end view of your customer-agent interactions, identify coaching opportunities, track performance over time, and leave notes for feedback.

See the AVOXI Genius Call Monitoring Platform in Action

Phone call monitoring features come as part of the AVOXI Genius contact center, your complete cloud-based call management platform, AVOXI Genius. Try AVOXI Genius today to see just how easy and affordable your call monitoring solution can be.

Try Call Quality Monitoring Software Risk-Free

We're so confident in the AVOXI Genius platform that we'll set up your solution and let you test all your call quality monitoring features completely risk-free! Contact us today to schedule your free trial.

VoIP Features Included With Your Call Quality Monitoring Software

When it comes to delivering advanced features at the best price possible, no other VoIP call monitoring platform goes as far as AVOXI Genius. Your call center quality monitoring software includes an amazingly affordable call management system with every feature you need to improve your contact center's performance today.

Cloud IVR

Help your callers navigate themselves to the best agent for their needs. Easily manage your IVR menus, intros, and routing options from your user interface.

IVR System

Call Barge / Whisper

Offer helpful advice to your agents during calls without alerting the customer with call whisper or take over with call barge.

Call Recording

The AVOXI Genius User Interface makes it easy to store and manage your contact center's call recordings.

Call Recording

Secure HD Voice

AVOXI's global infrastructure ensures you get amazing call quality no matter where in the world you are calling.

Call Queues

Set up unlimited call queues and easily manage advanced features like custom ring rules, queue callback, custom greetings and many more from your User Interface.

Call Queue Software

Global Voice Coverage

Instantly activate toll free and local virtual phone numbers in 160+ countries and enjoy the most competitive rates worldwide.

WebRTC Softphone

Enjoy superior quality voice when you upgrade your existing hard phones to the AVOXI Genius WebRTC softphone.

Call Center Softphone


Monitor your contact center analytics around users, queues, call outcomes, and much more with Genius reports.

Live Call Monitoring

Listen to your agent and customer interactions for training purposes or to ensure quality standards are being met. Includes call whisper and barge.

Call Monitoring

Call Dispositions

Track the outcomes of your calls and maintain customer information with summary notes and call disposition ratings. 

ACD (Call Routing)

Automatically route your company's calls to the right agent every time. Create custom routing distributions, ring rules, and more.

ACD System

Web-Based Interface

Your AVOXI Genius user interface makes it easier than ever to manage your contact center from any device and any location.

Frequently Asked Questions

After confirming that you would like to start a free trial of our contact center software, your account will be set up and activated in 24 hours or less.

Yes, our quality call management software works over the top of any existing phone system or as a stand-alone call management solution. 

In addition to providing the best call quality monitoring solutions for offices and call centers, popular services from AVOXI include virtual call center software and VoIP business numbers in 160+ countries. 

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