Call Monitoring Software (Call Center Monitoring)

Call Monitoring Software

Call monitoring software helps you coach your agents and improve your team's performances over time with live call monitoring, call barge and whisper, call quality scoring, call tagging, advanced analytics and more. 

call monitoring software

Call Monitoring Software for Business and Call Centers

Call monitoring software helps you improve customer service metrics and employee performance over time. AVOXI Genius includes call center monitoring tools like live call monitoring, call barge and whisper, real-time report boards, call scoring, call tagging, drill-down analytics, and more! Integrate your call center monitoring software with your CRM platform and other business tools to automate workflows and improve performance even further!

call quality monitoring

Live Call Monitoring with Advanced Analytics

Use live call monitoring or call recording features to review phone calls and ensure your callers are getting accurate, consistent, and positive customer experiences from your agents.

live call monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring and Live Coaching

Provide effective onboarding and coaching for your agents, allowing supervisors to assist them in real-time without disrupting calls or provide feedback with call quality scoring, whisper, and barge.

call monitoring software solutions

Easy, Affordable Call Monitoring Solutions

Our call monitoring software starts at only $25 per month per user! Plus, you'll get call management features like IVR, call routing, call queuing, and more to improve your team's performance.


Call Center Monitoring Tools

  • Real-Time Dashboards: Track your team's real-time metrics at a glance.
  • Live Call Monitoring: Listen to calls and coach your agents in real-time with call barge and whisper or leave notes for feedback.
  • Custom Call Dispositions: Set up unlimited custom dispositions, or call outcomes, for actionable quality monitoring metrics. 
  • Call Quality Scoring: Score calls and attach feedback notes for your agents track performance over time, and leave notes for feedback.
  • Unlimited Call Recording: Use call recording to ensure compliance, provide training, and evaluate interactions of past calls.

"The interface is easy to use and very user friendly, our teams required very little training to get started right away."


Finance & International Network Manager


“We like that everything is there in one simple interface - softphone, reporting, analytics. It has really been a help to our team.”


Group Reservations Manager


"As COVID hit, AVOXI helped us move our contact center agents to a WFH mode very quickly and with no impact on call quality. Thank you AVOXI and team."

Abdul Hameed

Asst. Manager – IT Support

Integrated With the Technologies Your Business Relies On

Common Questions About Phone Call Monitoring

How do I use live call monitoring in AVOXI Genius?

Under Live Calls, you will see a list of calls in progress, calls waiting, agents available, and agents paused.

Under the Live Calls section, admins can:

  • Monitor - listen to the call without the agent or caller know the admin is on the call. 
  • Whisper - talk only to the agent without the caller knowing.
  • Barge - talk to both the agent and the caller. 

From the Actions column, select the three dots icon and choose a mode: monitor, whisper, or barge.

How much does phone call monitoring cost?

Our call management features are available with AVOXI Genius starting at $25 / user.

How long does it take to set up a call monitoring system?

With AVOXI Genius, setting up your call monitoring software takes less than 1 business day. In most cases, new customers are active in just a couple of hours. After signup, you can instantly self-provision new users, phone numbers, and much more from your own user interface. 

What else can AVOXI do for my business?

In addition to the top call management software for business, popular services from AVOXI include virtual phone lines from 160+ countries. 

Get the Most Out of Your Call Monitoring Service

The AVOXI Genius platform comes with much more than call monitoring.


Integrate Your Tools

AVOXI integrates with 50+ business tools so you can see everything happening with your customers all in one place.


Global Voice Platform

Instantly activate virtual phone numbers in 170+ countries at the most competitive rates worldwide.

actionable insights

Virtual Call Center

Improve customer service and agent productivity with AVOXI's intuitive, easy-to-use virtual call center software.

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