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How Much Does Call Recording Cost?

It’s only normal for a customer’s first question about a new product or feature to be: how much does that cost? Price plays a major role in the decision to buy something or not. To alleviate any concerns you have about call recording, I’m here to tell you just how much this calling feature costs.

What is Call Recording?

Call recording, for those of you who are just beginning your research into this feature, allows you to record and playback telephone conversations. This feature has become extremely popular for companies that constantly work with customers over the phone. These companies often playback conversations for employee training purposes in order to improve the customer experience.
This telephony tool has become quite popular over the years which means that there are cost-effective and reliable options for individuals or companies looking to utilize this technology.

Stand-Alone Device

If you’re looking to record calls on one phone, a stand-alone device may be a good option for you. The device records calls by connecting to your telephone line. There are several models on the market, each with their own specifications. The devices start around $60 but can easily creep up to a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind, not all devices are built the same. For example, some models have a recording program already integrated into them; others may require you to set up a program to access the recordings.


For those wanting to record calls on several phone lines, like in a call center, a cloud-based phone system is your best choice. With this option, a cloud communications provider manages your phone system so a specific device to record calls isn’t required. Instead, all of your calls, both inbound and outbound, will be routed through your provider’s cloud service before the call is delivered to the appropriate party. Because of this, your calls get recorded on your provider’s equipment in the cloud. You can access and download your recordings from the platform you’ll be provided with by your provider.

Monthly Cost

Most cloud-based telephone companies charge monthly for calling recording. Some providers allow you to add call recording to your telephone plan for as little as $10 a month. In some cases however, you could be charged per minute for each call that you record. If you see yourself recording a lot of calls, you may want to look into a plan that allows unlimited recording. Plans like this will obviously be more expensive; they’ll normally cost around $70 a month.

Other providers bundle all their calling features and sell them together as part of their Cloud PBX. If you use other calling features including call forwarding or time-of-day routing, this may be the best option for you. Cloud PBX’s are primarily offered in one of two ways.

  1. You can purchase a Cloud PBX service on its on. Keep in mind, this just includes access to the calling features; you’ll still need to purchase phone numbers. Stand-alone Cloud PBX services typically cost around $25 a month and the price can increase depending on how many lines need access to the service.
  2. Some providers automatically include their Cloud PBX service with the purchase of any phone number. This means that all of your numbers will be compatible with all calling features offered on the Cloud PBX. The average price per phone number with a Cloud PBX included is $22.

No matter what your budget is, there is a call recording option that is right for you. Do your homework, gather information and choose a call recording option that fits all your needs.

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