How Much Does Call Recording Cost?

call recording cost guide

Looking for a low cost call recording solution for your company without sacrificing any of the features you need? In this article, we will compare call recording service providers, as well as the wide range of options you have to choose from. At AVOXI, we believe nobody can compete with us in terms of value and service, but we might not be a good fit for everyone, so we compiled a list of cost efficient alternatives for phone call recording! Before we begin, you should understand the types of call recording solutions available.

How Call Recording Pricing Works

There are three common call recording pricing structures used by providers. These include business phone system, VoIP phone number services, and stand-alone call recording packages.

Business Phone System Providers

First, you have business phone system providers that often times include call recording costs in their service packages. This includes service providers like RingCentral, Vonage, and 8x8. These types of services are great if you need a complete business phone system with advanced call recording features.

VoIP Call Recording Services

Next, you have VoIP phone number providers that typically charge add-on fees for call recording. This includes services such as CallRail, AVOXI, Globalcallforwarding and Tollfreeforwarding. These are generally much more affordable call recording services, making them great for businesses that have simple call recording needs.

Stand-Alone Call Recording Service

Finally, you have standalone call recording services. This includes companies such a VoiceStamps, CallCabinet and Orecx. This option would be best if you only need call recording, and no other features or virtual phone numbers. These call recording services are excellent for entrepreneurs, people who don’t need all the bells and whistles, or people looking to keep costs low.

Standard Call Recording Features

No matter what, every call recording price plan should include a few standard features. Aside from actually recording the calls, you will have access to the calls from your desktop or mobile devices after they have been completed. Typically, the calls will be stored in the cloud, and you will have an allotted amount of hours included in your plan.

Phone call recording rates can add up quickly, and there are usually time constraints on how long the recordings can be kept. These usually vary by provider, but many offer extended plans to keep recordings longer than the standard 30-90 days.

Implementing phone call recording can greatly help with quality monitoring and assurance, customer retention, and training of employees.

Specialized Call Recording Features

Some call recording systems include advanced features. One such feature is call or speech analytics. This feature will cost extra, but it can provide invaluable data for you and your employees. You can single out certain keywords to help enhance customer experiences and provide better training insights in the future.

In some instances, you will have to pay an additional monthly fee as well as additional per minute rates for using these types of voice analytics with your call recordings.

Call Recording Cost Comparison

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