How Much Does Call Recording Cost?

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Customer service is real time. Analysis of information is immediate. Small businesses to large enterprises focus on how to best keep and grow clients. Call recording helps businesses build a better customer experience. AVOXI offers call recording solutions and recently launched new call recording packages. As part of our product research, we found many different options for call recording solutions and various pricing models. This post shares our findings to help you make the best decision possible around call recording cost for your business.

When reviewing the services and features available with your cloud-based communication setup, the cost of add-on services or products factors into your final buying decision. While AVOXI addressed how much call recording costs in a prior post, it’s time for a revisit—especially as AVOXI now offers subscription packages.

What Is Call Recording?

Let’s first look at what call recording means. A call recording service allows you to record and playback telephone conversations. The feature is often a business requirement for companies that seek customer insight regarding support issues, sales fulfillment, product questions, and more. Companies typically use call recordings to identify common customer concerns and incorporate key findings into employee training. The goal is to improve the overall customer experience and increase customer satisfaction.

How Is Call Recording Managed: Stand-alone Device or Cloud-based Services?

Stand-alone Device

If you’re looking to record calls on one phone, a stand-alone device is a good option. The device records your inbound calls by connecting to your telephone line. There are several models on the market, each with its own specifications. Basic devices start around $60, but pricing creeps up based on features to a few hundred dollars. Keep in mind, not all devices offer the same functions. For example, some models have an integrated recording program; others require you to set up a program to access your recordings. As hardware recording equipment generally only services one type of device such as a landline telephone, the solution offers limited service.

For businesses that use a combination of landline, mobile, and computer telephony, a cloud-based model offers the means to manage multiple devices.

Cloud-based Services

If your business requires call recording on several phone lines, like in a call center, a cloud-based phone system is your great choice. With this option, a cloud communications provider manages your phone system. You avoid the expense and maintenance of call recording hardware. As your calls, both inbound and outbound, route through your provider’s cloud service, the call recording is set up and managed on your provider’s cloud platform. You access and download your recordings from that platform.

Additionally, a cloud-based call recording system provides a format that permits recording from desktop phone, computer, or mobile as it is not device centric. Better still, all recordings are in one place versus separate recording services based on device, i.e., mobile recordings, desktop recordings, computer recordings, etc. Plus, cloud-based call recording allows for enhanced security and information resilience.

How Much Do Call Recording Services Cost?

Most cloud-based communication and virtual number providers offer calling recording services as part of the cloud PBX features available with their VoIP system. Two types of pricing plans are common: per minute charges and per package costs. We’ll look at and Global Call Forwarding as a comparison of those types. Call Recording Feature

call recording lists call recording as an add-on feature with the purchase of a number.

The service has an associated monthly fee and charges by the recorded minute. For example, when you review the pricing for a Japan Toll Free Number (0120), you see the minute bundles displayed.

In the lower right corner, see the notation “Fees for Additional Services.” When you hover on the green “?”, a window opens showing add-on services and associated fees. For call recording, charges a $7.00 per month/per line fee along with a $.03 per minute charge for long term storage of more than 30 days.

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call recording cost

Global Call Forwarding Call Recording Feature

Similar to, Global Call Forwarding has a monthly fee of $3 per month/per number with additional charges at a per minute rate of $ .02. Long term storage is available up to 5 months.

call recording cost - Global Call Forwarding

Let’s say that for one number/extension you typically use 250 minutes per month. You want those calls recorded. That adds up to $3 per month to add the service, plus $5 per month for the recorded calls—$8 per month for 30 days of storage.

Keeping Virtual Number Usage in Mind

Your call recording volume is a factor in overall costs. If you see yourself recording a lot of calls, a plan with storage packages and unlimited recording is worth consideration. AVOXI’s new hosted call recording service is an example.

Recording packages in 30, 90, and 365 day increments offer an easy, consistent pricing model for recordings. With unlimited minutes (subject to fair use policy), there are no additional per minute charges on your recorded calls. That makes it easy to budget and manage.

hosted call recording

Keep in mind, most hosted call recording systems require the purchase of virtual phone numbers. Call recording is a feature within the VoIP cloud services. The price varies depending on how many lines and the cost structure—by minute or by package—that best serves your business.

Whether your business need is to confirm compliance, act quickly in response to customer issues, or identify coaching and training opportunities, call recording systems allow you gain that insight. To help you identify your key benefits from adding call recording to your virtual phone number services, AVOXI offers a free version—15-day recording package. Contact one of our representatives for more information.