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Hong Kong Call Forwarding Service

Set up Hong Kong phone number forwarding and start routing calls in minutes. Enjoy crystal clear voice and all the business features you need when you try the best Hong Kong call forwarding service risk-free!

Hong Kong Phone Number Forwarding Includes...

Easy online activation, no setup fees or contracts

Reliable local & international Hong Kong number forwarding

Flexible call diversion rules & system integrations

Local, non-geo, and toll free number forwarding in Hong Kong

40+ business features like call tracking, voice monitoring, and CRM integration

Trusted by Over 7,000 Global Companies

Contact Center Awards

Hong Kong's Most Reliable Call Forwarding Service

Hong Kong call forwarding service (also known as call divert service) allows you to redirect calls to any local or international number or IP address worldwide. With AVOXI, businesses can activate local, non-geographic, or toll free forwarding numbers in Hong Kong and abroad. There are no setup fees or minimum contracts.

Reliable Local & International Call Forwarding Services for Hong Kong

  • Manage Calls from Anywhere

    Manage phone numbers, users, call routing rules and more from a beautiful desktop interface or mobile application. Set up a Hong Kong phone number online and start forwarding calls in minutes. 

  • Forward Calls from Professional Hong Kong Numbers

    Choose from a huge inventory of numbers for any business need. Get toll free, non-geo, and local Hong Kong number forwarding in minutes.

  • Flexible Call Control & Diversion Rules

    Set up as many IVR menus and automatic routing rules as your call flow requires, all at no extra cost. Forward calls to a user, queue, virtual attendant, voicemail, and one or more external phone numbers. 

  • Reliable Phone Number Forwarding in Hong Kong & Abroad

    AVOXI’s world-class VoIP network ensures crystal-clear voice quality no matter where you forward calls to.


Reviews from Our Customers

Don't just take our word for it. See why thousands of businesses rely on AVOXI as their business VoIP provider.

"Easy to use, great customer support, and reasonable pricing
that can be customized according to usage."
Patricia Neo
Hyatt Corp

"In comparison to other similar services existing on the market
AVOXI definitely makes a difference on every level.”
Capucine Golicheff
BNP Paribas

”The interface is easy to use and very user friendly,
our teams required very little training to get started right away.”
Marco Rinalducci
Argos Assistance

"AVOXI makes it easy to add/remove user licenses, easy to set up call routing, virtual attendants and is very scalable without the need for large capital investments."
Andy Dao
Crown Worldwide

"AVOXI support and sales agents always take time and patiently walk us through our questions and issues. Unlike some providers who often just brushed off "silly" questions and don't bother to address each question or query raised."
Wey Jing Ho
World Link Communications

How to Set Up Hong Kong Phone Number Forwarding

Choose your phone number(s) and start managing calls in minutes! Get local, non-geo, and toll free Hong Kong numbers for forwarding online.

Select one or more Hong Kong phone numbers to divert calls from in the online shopping cart. Choose to forward calls to an external phone number, a VoIP/SIP address, or to a Microsoft Teams account. You can change these settings anytime after securing your number. 

After purchasing a number, you'll receive an email with your login instructions. 

After logging into your account, you can manage your call forwarding rules in the Numbers tab. Virtual attendants and IVR menus can be configured and modified in the IVR tab. 

An AVOXI expert will follow up with you to answer questions and make sure your phone numbers and forwarding rules are working the way you want them to answer any questions about the AVOXI platform.

Note: If the email you provided is not associated with your listed business, you can still log into your account. However, your call forwarding service may inactive until an AVOXI expert is able to confirm your account details (this usually takes 15 minutes or less).

After activating your business number, you can easily log in and update your virtual number account any time. You have complete control over your account:

  • Add or remove business numbers and account users.
  • Manage your call flows, phone numbers, reports, and more in one interface.
  • Access call tracking reports, conversation recordings, advanced routing rules and more.

Call Forwarding FAQs

There are no special documentation requirements to setup toll free, non-geographic, or standard local numbers in Hong Kong. Updated coverage and restriction details are displayed under important information in the online shopping cart. 

Yes! Calls made to your Hong Kong numbers can be diverted to one or multiple numbers, phones, or internal users. Calls can be forwarding to multiple locations internationally. Additional redirection options include:

  • virtual attendant (IVR)
  • voicemail
  • VoIP/SIP address (SIP trunking)

Yes! Yes! For guaranteed outbound caller ID, choose any Hong Kong numbers labeled TrueLocal. TrueLocal numbers provide local origination and termination, ensuring caller ID works as intended every time. Learn more about local caller ID service→

Outbound caller ID may work even when using numbers not labeled TrueLocal. However, we can only guarantee proper outbound caller ID during international calls when using TrueLocal numbers.

AVOXI provides local, non-geo, and toll free phone number forwarding in Hong Kong. Popular dial-codes include: 

  • Hong Kong Toll Free
  • Hong Kong National
  • Hong Kong TrueLocal

In addition to the best call forwarding services in Hong Kong, popular solutions from AVOXI include International Virtual NumbersCloud Contact Center Software.

Expect the Best from Your Hong Kong Call Forwarding Service

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