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Establish a Local Presence in Taiwan

Taiwan has the fifth largest economy in Asia and thus, is a hotspot for companies looking to break into a new market and expand their business footprint. But, you don’t need to be physically located in Taiwan to do business there. Taiwan toll free numbers allow you to establish a local presence there because the number is formatted to look local. Plus, your Taiwanese prospects and customers will be more likely to call you because a Taiwan toll free number is free to dial.

Taiwan toll free phone numbers from AVOXI are supported by a cloud-based phone system that allows you to remotely manage them and their features almost anywhere in the world. Use this system to change your call forwarding rules, analyze reports about the performance of your toll free number or listen to past calls using the call recording feature.

Who Can Call My Taiwan Number?

When you’re purchasing a phone number for your business, it’s important to understand the accessibility behind it. International toll free numbers are country-specific, which means that each of them have their own capabilities. Taiwan toll free phone numbers are no different.

Taiwan toll free numbers are available from all mobile networks except KG Telecom. No airtime is charged to the caller. ITFS is accessible from payphones. A charge is applicable for toll free calls from hotels: from NT $50 to NT $100 per call.

Calling and Doing Business in Taiwan

Taiwan is a member of numerous trading organizations and thus, has a market spanning multiple countries. They export items like electronics, ships and chemicals. They import goods like computers, coal and metals. Their varying economy makes them the perfect hub for growing businesses of all industries.

A Taiwan toll free number is an important tool if you’re looking to break into this country’s market. These virtual phone numbers are not only formatted to appear local to the market in that country, but they’re also formatted so callers know they are free to call. Because of this, potential Taiwanese customers are more likely to contact your business for their needs.

About Taiwan

Taiwan Flag

Taiwan’s main industries are electronics and petroleum refining as well as agriculture in things such as rice, corn and fruit. Cities in Taiwan such as Taipei and Kaohsiung are large business centers and may be good areas to market to as you expand your business’s reach into this country.

The capital and largest city in Taiwan is Taipei. Taiwan borders the countries of China, Japan and the Philippines. Because of its location, the climate in Taiwan is pretty consistent year round, averaging a temperature around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Availability of Local DID Numbers for Taiwan

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in the following cities in Taiwan.

No cities with local number availability found.

We add new cities regularly—contact an AVOXI representative for the latest list.

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