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Hong Kong Telephone Numbers

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Gain local presence with telephone numbers in Hong Kong.

Establish a Local Presence in Hong Kong

Noted as one of the world’s major financial centers, Hong Kong is a key location to target for customer expansion without the need to create a bricks-and-mortar building. AVOXI’s Hong Kong Telephone Numbers allow businesses to reach their customers from their customers’ location.

Inbound calls to your Hong Kong local phone number route to any existing phone line or devise by using AVOXI’s international call forwarding service. Easily change your call forwarding settings to serve your business’s needs through AVOXI’s easy-to-use, web-based control panel. The portal also gives you access to features like time of day routing, virtual attendant, call recording, and more.

Manage Your Hong Kong Telephone Numbers

With your Hong Kong local number, you have access to the features of AVOXI Core, our cloud PBX solution. Manage your numbers easily through the online portal. Set up call forwarding, time of day routing, and more. View the video to see an overview of key features and functions.

Hong Kong Phone Numbers for Local and National Calling

Known for its international trading, Hong Kong is the world’s largest re-export center. Its transportation and logistics infrastructure support the second busiest container port and the busiest airport for international cargo. In addition, Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination with more than 27.8 million visitors contributing significantly to its economy.

A local phone number in Hong Kong (DID) allows you to establish your business as a local presence. That makes it easy for customers in Hong Kong to reach your business. Hong Kong phone numbers use the dialing format +852 XXXX XXXX, and can be forwarded to any VoIP device, mobile phone, or landline.

Create a Virtual Office in Hong Kong

Gaining entrance into new markets to grow your customer base has any number of challenges, but AVOXI helps you build customer confidence in your target locations by helping you establish a local presence in that geography. AVOXI makes it easy to connect to customers no matter where they are—across town or across the globe.

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Availability of Toll Free Numbers for Hong Kong

Virtual toll free numbers are available for Hong Kong. View Hong Kong toll free virtual numbers.