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Call Groups

Forward calls to multiple extensions simultaneously using the call group feature.

Create Virtual Departments with Call Groups

Call groups, or ring groups, allow you to create virtual departments within your business. From the Online Portal, you choose which extensions receive incoming phone calls made to the phone numbers in your account. Once the call group is set up, all members of the group will receive calls, ensuring that your business never misses an important call again.

Call Group Benefits

  • Easy to set up and manage in the AVOXI Core Online Portal.
  • Ensure that incoming phone calls are always answered by forwarding to multiple extensions at once.
  • Create unlimited virtual departments within your business to route callers to the correct department the first time that they call.

Call Group Ring Patterns

Available with the AVOXI Core Cloud PBX phone system, the call group feature allows you to forward calls to multiple extensions at once. You can also determine the sequence in which the extensions should receive the phone calls.

The following ring sequences are available with the AVOXI Core Cloud PBX call group feature:

In Order. This sequence setting sends calls to extensions in the order that you determine. Incoming calls ring in order until the call is answered.

Simultaneous. This sequence setting forwards incoming phone calls to all extensions in the call group at the same time.

Random. This sequence setting forwards incoming phone calls to extensions included in your call group in random order.

Least Used. This sequence setting automatically forwards incoming phone calls to the least used extension in the call group.


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