The BAT Group Leans on AVOXI to Modernize Communications with Seamless Path to Cloud for its Regional Shared Services Center

The BAT Group has seen a significant increase in agent productivity since implementing AVOXI for their remote teams. Discover their business growth success using a fast, reliable all-in-one contact center and voice solution.

BAT Case Study

BASS Americas S.A., the Regional Shared Services Center of the British American Tobacco Group, leans on AVOXI’s global communications software for 10+ years to support their HR and Finance services with a dependable and easy-to-activate cloud platform. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, BASS Americas found themselves struggling to support their new remote workforce with their existing on-premise PBX provider. With poor voice quality and VPN connection issues, the Company quickly realized the need for a cloud-based solution that would enable their team to continue making critical calls to keep their business running. 

As they were looking for the best available options, BASS immediately found compatibility with long-time vendor, AVOXI. Having relied on their international voice solutions for several years prior, BASS was familiar with their 24/7/365 support and reliability.

With AVOXI’s online call center system, easy setup, and 100% hardware-free platform, BASS Americas was able to modernize their communications, seamlessly transitioning their team from PBX to the cloud - all from home. 

The Crucial Time

At that moment, BASS Americas was in the middle of a new service launch, increasing its need for a global communications provider that could provide a fast yet reliable path to the cloud. Knowing their remote employees would require managing the installation themselves, BASS sought a robust platform that was easy to use and could support remote agents without any additional hardware.

  • Easy Setup for End Users. BASS Americas was focused on a quick deployment solution that was robust for a work-from-home environment and did not require additional hardware. An easy-to-use softphone and an intuitive user interface for agents were critical. 
  • Fast-Activation on International Numbers. With new services rolling out, BASS Americas needed a global voice platform where they could provide quick, multiple international numbers for their call center agents working at home. AVOXI’s self-service portal made it easy to scale within its platform, so it could continue with its service rollout as scheduled. 
  • Exceptional Voice Quality. Without a VPN to connect to and from home, the BASS Americas team was facing unstable connectivity from its PBX. Their agents needed a cloud communications platform that was reliable and consistently delivered exceptional voice quality.

“The system had to be fast, reliable, and, ultimately, easy to set up for our agents,” says Erasmo Valladares, Local Information & Digital Technology Manager. “AVOXI provided us with a cloud-based solution that kept our business running - meeting all of my requirements and then some.”

The AVOXI Solution

In order to keep its operations running smoothly, BASS Americas sought a system that could quickly support its remote team with easy-to-use technology and fast installation. For Erasmo Valladares, Local Information & Digital Technology Manager at BASS Americas, that called for a superior communications platform that could easily be installed from anywhere and handle their growing international calling needs. The AVOXI solution was delivered across these key areas: 

  • Intuitive Cloud Platform Designed for Remote Agents. AVOXI’s industry-leading platform enables BASS Americas to make and receive critical international calls supporting its HR and Finance services from home. With a simple setup and user-friendly interface, remote agents were able to transition to the cloud seamlessly, avoiding business interruptions for BASS Americas. 
  • 170+ Countries Instantly Available with High-Quality Voice. AVOXI’s superior global reach and flexible cloud technology empower BASS Americas to scale its services where necessary at any given time. AVOXI was able to provide them with a superior voice solution with vast international coverage, enabling BASS to continue communication with their prospective employees and partners. 
  • Improved Productivity and Speed to Deliver. BASS Americas has recognized vast improvements in its efficiencies and productivity since implementing AVOXI into its operations. Utilizing its advanced voice features and analytics, BASS Americas leadership team can meticulously and accurately measure team and agent performance to improve their caller experience. 
  • Supporting Business Growth. AVOXI’s scalable cloud platform made it easy for BASS Americas to deploy its strategic service expansion despite the unprecedented business disruptions of 2020. With a modern solution that supports future growth, BASS Americas was able to continue with planned initiatives without hesitation. 

“AVOXI has been our trusted partner for 10 years,” notes Mr. Valladares. “They’ve been an instrumental part of our business, supporting our growth, and providing on-the-spot solutions to support our endeavors.”

Why AVOXI: AVOXI’s long-standing reputation and expertise in the consumer goods industry have provided remote call center software, expansive coverage, and improved metrics to hundreds of companies with global inbound and outbound communications. Just like BASS Americas, AVOXI can help deliver your remote teams a system with easy setup, exceptional voice quality, and automation tools to improve performance. 

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