Flex Program vs. VoIP Calling Plan

Whatever your call strategy entails, AVOXI's tailored solutions can work for your communications. We'd like to tell you more about them, so you can make the best decision possible for your business. 

How to choose between AVOXI's flex progam vs jetpack calling plans

You’ve done your homework and managed to shortlist a handful of VoIP providers. While you're getting close to making a decision, it can be challenging to identify the value behind various communications solutions when they sound about the same. 

We get it - it’s great to have so many competitive choices, but sometimes those choice can lead to analysis paralysis! 

AVOXI offers two reliable voice solution plans that can help you exceed your global communications needs. If you need more market coverage and extensive inventory, but unsure of which plan to go with, read on. We’ll talk you through what it means to be a Flex partner versus a VoIP calling plan customer. 

What is the Flex Partner Program?

AVOXI’s Flex Partner Program empowers telecommunications enterprises, wholesalers, resellers, BPOs, CCaaS and UCaaS providers with VoIP solutions to centralize, easily configure and expand on their voice services. Essentially, it’s another revenue-driving opportunity for these companies.  

Our flexible voice solution offers businesses access to thousands of virtual phone numbers in more than 170 countries. With our library of voice APIs, you can integrate AVOXI communications into your own tech stack for immediate access to our global inventory. 

The reasons to incorporate voice APIs include:

  1. Automate phone number provisioning 
  2. Expand voice coverage
  3. Reduce total cost of ownership 

Who does it benefit?

Cloud-based corporate telephony brands and businesses who seek to extend their voice inventory footprint would greatly benefit from the Flex program. These companies include:

  • Enterprises
  • Telecom wholesalers and resellers
  • BPOs
  • CCaaS
  • UCaaS 

See how international ICT provider, Cibersys, was able to grow revenue by 20% in AVOXI’s Flex program. 

When to use it

There’s never a great time to wait on your communications provider to activate phone numbers.

That’s why AVOXI embedded communications, with real-time alerts, robust phone number APIs and instant number activation, is a game-changer for call centers and businesses looking for communications that will grow with them. We offer international port management and expedited number porting in more than 100 countries. 

Still wondering how Flex can benefit your enterprise? Consider these scenarios:

  • You need to expand your phone number inventory. Flex gives you instant access to thousands of local, domestic and international phone numbers in more than 170 countries, including hard-to-reach places like Asia and the Middle East. 
  • You have perennially or seasonally high call volume. Track your call volume and number trends through our robust suite of call analytics. Know your company’s usage trends through call summaries and number analytics. Our usage alerts help you guard against phone fraud and wasted spend.
  • You’d rather pay as you go for outbound calling. No one wants to pay for services they’re not really using. While AVOXI’s usage-based pricing plans have outbound-capable numbers, the service focuses on call origination. If your inbound volume is low, Flex allows you to only pay for outbound calls. Our month-to-month termination rates are competitive and update as your business grows. No more locking into an annual contract with overage fees hitting your budget well before your 12 months are up. 
  • You need an affordable, PBX-friendly solution. Elastic SIP trunking lets you connect your legacy voice environment to VoIP voice services and an unlimited number of lines. SIP trunks instantly enable call termination to anywhere in the world at a cost much less than traditional local or long-distance rates. AVOXI’s SIP trunks are compatible with almost any third-party platform, including Microsoft Teams. 
  • You need to build up a number inventory for future use. Planning to expand soon and want some parked numbers ready to go at a moment’s notice? Reserve as many parked numbers as you need. When you have the staff or the clearance in a new area to begin using them, simply activate those lines in AVOXI’s software platform and start making calls in just a few minutes.

What is a VoIP Calling Plan?

Our cloud-connected global communications plans offer reliable, expansive and secure international voice services. These calling plans allow companies with a need for modern communications to take advantage of SIP connectivity from their on-prem PBX or existing UC. 

With the option for SMS forwarding, businesses can send and receive text messages to drive engagement and deliver a full brand experience for their customers.

Who does it benefit?

Any size business interested in enterprise-grade voice and 20+ complimentary call features! Our subscription-based packages scale up or down depending on usage, so you don’t end up wasting budget and are always connected to customers no matter what. 

What you get:

  • No setup and cancellation fees
  • Free international number porting
  • 30-day call recording trial
  • Affordable call rates
  • Call reports and analytics
  • Multi-layer IVR 

Those who are looking to connect their Microsoft Teams account with better voice service also benefit from direct routing. AVOXI provides straightforward, reliable VoIP for MS Teams that connects through your certified SBC. Our setup and services protect your system against fraud and DoS attacks while your teams enjoy the exceptional call quality AVOXI is known for. 

When to use it

Our VoIP plans work best for businesses and call centers with relatively predictable call volume and monthly costs. AVOXI offers several subscription tiers with the option to add on services, such as call recording or call insights.

It’s a great solution for businesses wanting to upgrade their preferred voice environment or who experience high usage on one or two numbers. Our packages are set up so it’s very low-cost per minute and the numbers work out of your existing phone system. 

How to Choose: Flex or Call Plans?

The best voice solution for your business depends on your specific needs. Ask yourself: Do we plan to branch out into new markets? Are we buying numbers on a consistent basis? Do we fluctuate or stay relatively the same in call volume? Do we see more inbound or outbound usage? The answers to these questions will help you decide if AVOXI Flex or call plans is right for you. 

Flex Call Plans
Typical customer Wholesalers, resellers, BPOs, enterprise UC platform hosts All other businesses
Costs Minimum usage required Fixed monthly + usage
Best for Volume-based Usage-based
Biggest savings Use elastic SIP trunking to cut local and long-distance outbound cost and bulk number orders. Change your subscription tier or utilize usage-based pricing as your volume grows.
APIs Yes Yes

All plans include 170+ country voice coverage, instant account setup and number activation, dedicated support team, zero porting fees and competitive call rates.

See what AVOXI can do for your global communications

Easily scale your communications as you need them. Whether it's through our Flex program or bundled, usage-based call packages, we help businesses deliver flexibility and scalability on their own terms and within their preferred voice environments. Have questions?