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How Much Do International Toll Free Numbers Cost?

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Since 2001, AVOXI has been a leading provider of international toll free numbers. During this time, we’ve helped our customers communicate with their clients, no matter where in the world they’re located. We also educate new and existing customers about how much international toll free numbers cost, and what they should expect to pay for toll free number service.

AVOXI revisited this information originally posted May 2017. A lot changed in a year. We added locations, minute packages, and new functions to our online shopping cart. Also, we confirmed and refreshed information about competitor pricing. It was time for a revisit to make sure you had the latest information.

Don’t pay more than you should for international VoIP service. Learn how much international toll free numbers cost and which factors affect their pricing. Plus, learn which type of international toll free number package is right for your business needs: bundled, or Pay As You Go.

International Toll Free Numbers Cost Breakdown

There are three main factors that affect the cost of an international toll free number:

  1. The country where the calls are coming from (i.e., the customer’s location)
  2. The country to which the calls will be forwarded (i.e., your business’s location)
  3. How you will answer your calls (VoIP phone, mobile phone, landline, etc.)

Where Are Your Customers Located?

Your international toll free calls originate in the country where your customers are located. For example, if your customers are in Germany, you would purchase a Germany toll free number so those customers can call you toll free.

International toll free number costs and rates per minute differ by country. AVOXI offers US toll free numbers for as little as $4.99 a month in a pay-as-you-go plan, Business Classic, with per minute rates of $0.041.

International toll free numbers - USA sm

Business Connect, a bundled minute plan for 1031 minutes, is $16.99 monthly with per minute rates of $0.031 for overage.

International toll free numbers - USA med

However, you can expect to pay more for a rare or hard-to-get international toll free numbers, like UAE toll free numbers. For comparison, see the Business Classic and Business Connect plans:

international toll free numbers UAE - sminternational toll free numbers UAE - med

Where Is Your Business Located?

Your toll free provider will also need to know where your business is located, or where you plan to receive calls. This is also known as the terminating country.

Your rate per minute will also vary based on the terminating country. For example, if a customer calls your Germany toll free number and the call is forwarded to a mobile phone in the United Kingdom, the rate per minute will be different than if it was forwarded to a phone in the US.

international toll free number USA - sm - mobileFor example, here's the USA toll free plan, Business Basic, forwarding to a mobile number with 271 minutes included for $7.99 per month and $0.054 per minute rate for overages.


How Will You Answer Calls?

Once you know where your calls will originate and terminate, you need to decide how you will answer them.

How Much Does It Cost to Receive a Call on VoIP?

You can receive VoIP calls through your Internet connection using a softphone. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer and a headset. Because the call doesn’t go through traditional phone lines, calls forwarded via VoIP will always be cheaper than calls sent to a landline or mobile phone.

How Much Does It Cost to Receive a Call on a Landline?

If you choose to send calls made to your toll free number to a landline, then the rate per minute will be higher. This is because the call will travel over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to get to its destination. The phone company processing this call tacks on additional charges to handle the call.

How Much Does It Cost to Receive a Call on a Mobile Device?

Calls forwarded to mobile devices cost more than those forwarded to VoIP. Mobile phone networks charge additional fees to process incoming toll free calls to your cell phone.

Types of International Toll Free Number Plans

Almost every international toll free number provider offers two different types of plans: bundled and Pay As You Go. These plans result in different international toll free number costs.

Bundled plans typically cost more up front than pay as you go plans. However, you pay less per minute because you’re purchasing in bulk. Pay As You Go Plans are better for businesses that expect low call volume.

Every international toll free number from AVOXI includes a free cloud PBX. No matter which plan you choose, you get a complete business phone system that comes with 40+ features you need to manage your communications effectively.

Benefits of Bundled Toll Free Number Plans

  • Pay less per minute for international toll free calls
  • Predictable monthly phone bills
  • Get 40+ business-class phone system features

Benefits of Pay As You Go Toll Free Number Plans

  • Lower international toll free number costs upfront
  • Pay only for the minutes you use
  • Get 40+ business-class phone system features

International Toll Free Numbers Cost Comparison

Now that you understand the factors that affect international toll free number costs, let’s talk about the top toll free number providers and what they charge. We’ll base our comparison on US and Canada plans, the most popular toll free number request we get from our customers.

Pricing current as of June 15, 2018.

US and Canada Unlimited Toll Free Plan

international toll free numbers USA - Tollfreeforwarding - large

  • AVOXI: You pay $70.99/month with 7522 minutes included and per minute rates of $0.014 for overage. If paid annually, a discount applies. Higher volume plans are available by custom quote.

international toll free numbers USA lg AVOXI

International Toll Free Numbers from AVOXI

Now that you know how much international toll free numbers cost, it’s time to take the next step? Talk to an AVOXI VoIP specialist today to learn how to tap into new markets with international toll free numbers for 120+ countries.