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Create a local presence in Norway and receive calls from customers anywhere in the world with AVOXI’s Norway toll free virtual phone number plans.

No setup fees or contracts, set up new toll free numbers in minutes

Excellent call quality and affordable VoIP calling rates in 150+ countries

Includes call forwarding, auto attendant, voicemail-to-email and more

Simple to set up and scale for your business communications

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Norway Toll Free Numbers for Business

Looking for a cost-effective way to expand your business communications to customers around the world? AVOXI's Norway toll free virtual phone numbers allow you to forward calls to one or multiple devices from anywhere in the world.

Plus, our Norway toll free numbers include over 20 advanced VoIP features at no extra cost, such as virtual attendant, voicemail-to-email, call logging, and more.

Experience the Toll Free Phone Network That’s Built Different

  • Secure Call Encryption

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption ensures the highest level of security.

  • 24/7 Toll Fraud Monitoring

    Keep fraudsters far away with 24/7 network monitoring and algorithms triggering real time alerts of suspicious call traffic.

  • Tier 1 Network Connections

    Local area dialing options across the globe, with a multi-carrier approach for best in class service and options.

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)

    Receive the best connection and quality internationally with Toll Free Least Cost Routing.


All the Business Phone Features You Need in One Platform








Call Recording


International Calling


Easy Setup


Call Quality Monitor


24/7/365 Support


Voicemail Transcription


Caller ID

sip numbers

Secure SIP Trunking

affordable voip minutes

Affordable Rates

Reviews from Our Customers

Don't just take our word for it. See why thousands of businesses rely on AVOXI as their toll free service provider.

As someone working for a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) company, Avoxi has been a good partner on every stage of the project, since the initial onboarding to their support and Account Managers team. Highly recommended if you need voice solutions worldwide.

Oscar Orozco
Carrier Operations Engineer

AVOXI has helped us to grow our business across the globe. As we expand into new countries, we just get a new number from AVOXI. They make it simple and cost effective. Service is amazing. We highly recommend using them.

Brad Taylor
Executive / Owner

Great DID services. Very broad coverage with instant activation for most countries we need. Sound quality is high grade and prices are fair to use.

Ami Shalmon

AVOXI has a comprehensive system that allows for all your call center needs. Easy to work with, support is great. Great rapport with the product managers and support team to fix opportunities and create new innovations.

Vito Vicario
Software Implementation Administrator

How to Get Toll Free Numbers in Norway

AVOXI makes it easy and affordable to buy toll free numbers in Norway and around the world.
Set up your toll free numbers in four easy steps!


Choose Your Phone Line

Choose your new toll free number in the online shopping cart. You may also select local and non-geographic phone numbers from 150+ countries, or port toll free numbers you already own to AVOXI.


Assign Toll Free Forwarding Rules

After purchasing your Norway toll free number online, you'll receive an email with your login information and introduction to the platform. Log in to begin configuring forwarding rules, IVR menus, manage numbers and self-service your account.


Download AVOXI Apps

Browse our optional applications like click-to-call (for softphone users) and mobile app so you can make and take calls from home, the office, anywhere!


Start Connecting with Customers!

Enjoy crystal-clear voice services in Norway and beyond! One of our voice experts will reach out to confirm your account and ensure your service is set up for your specific preferences. 

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Norway Toll Free Number FAQ

With AVOXI, Norway toll free phone number costs depend on your expected call volume. The more calls you expect, the lower your average call costs will be. Pay-per-minute plans are available starting at $12.49 per month.

When you purchase a Norway toll free number in the online shopping cart, your new business number is set up and activated within 30 minutes or less. If your business email does not match your listed company, an AVOXI expert may reach out to confirm your account details before unblocking the number.

To use our services with existing toll free numbers in Norway, simply transfer your toll free numbers to our network. Have high call volumes? You may be eligible to get paid for porting to AVOXI!

To get a Norway toll free number, you may be required to provide documentation such as Company Registration and Proof of Address.

AVOXI isn’t just the best provider of toll free numbers in Norway. Popular business phone solutions from AVOXI include International Virtual Numbers, Virtual Contact Centers, and Global SIP Trunking.

Have Questions About Getting Norway Toll Free Phone Numbers?

Still have questions about how our toll free services work? We’re here to help! Chat with an AVOXI expert today.

Unleashing Seamless Connections: The Power of Norway Toll Free Numbers

Establishing a smooth, cost-effective communication channel with customers is pivotal in the bustling global business market. Enter the Norway toll free number, a strategic asset for businesses eyeing the vibrant markets of Scandinavia. These unique contact numbers are a bridge linking businesses to their Norwegian clientele, eliminating the barrier of call charges for the callers.

At its core, a Norway toll free number serves a dual purpose. For businesses, it's a testament to their commitment to customer satisfaction and service accessibility. For callers, it's a relief from call charges, fostering more open communication. This symbiotic relationship enhances customer engagement, fuels business growth, and solidifies customer trust.

Operationally, Norway toll free numbers thrive on a simple yet ingenious mechanism. When a customer dials this number, the call is seamlessly routed through sophisticated telecommunications equipment, ensuring it reaches the business regardless of location. This global connection is facilitated without costing the caller a dime, promoting a business ethos that prioritizes customer convenience and care.

The strategic adoption of a Norway toll free number can significantly benefit businesses aiming to deepen their roots in Norway or expand their reach within this lucrative market. It's a strategic investment in building robust customer relationships and carving a niche in Norway's competitive landscape.


Dialing Codes and Norway Phone Numbers

Norway's phone numbers are recognized globally by a distinctive country code, "+47". This Norway phone code is the gateway for international calls into the country, marking the first sequence dialed after the international access code. Following this, Norway toll free numbers typically feature an "800" prefix, distinguishing them as cost-free for the caller. The complete structure often includes the Norway country code 2 letter identifier "NO", used primarily in digital formats and documentation.

For callers, especially those from the United States attempting to connect with a Norway toll free number, the dialing procedure incorporates several steps. Initially, the caller must dial "011", the U.S. international access code, signaling the intention to place a call outside the domestic telecommunication system.

Next, they enter the Norway phone code "+47", establishing the target country for the call. Following this, the caller dials the toll free prefix "800" and the specific toll free number designated to the business in Norway.

This process ensures that the call is correctly routed from the U.S. to the intended toll free service in Norway, enabling cost-free communication for the caller. The strategic use of these dialing codes and Norway phone numbers facilitates efficient international communication and underscores the importance of understanding the telecommunication landscape for global businesses.


The Importance of Norway Toll Free Numbers

Norway toll free numbers are indispensable for businesses interacting with Norwegian entities, acting as a vital communication bridge that defies geographical barriers. These numbers enable callers within Norway to reach out at no cost, enhancing businesses' accessibility and fostering a more reliable connection with customers.

The benefits of adopting a Norway toll free number are manifold, each contributing to a business's success and customer satisfaction.

Enhances Credibility and Customer Trust

Providing a Norway toll free number instantly boosts a business's credibility. Prospective clients are more inclined to contact a company that facilitates free and direct communication. This level of accessibility and customer prioritization can significantly elevate customer trust and confidence, potentially leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Facilitates Customer Service Logistics

A Norway toll free business number is crucial for customer service operations. By removing the barrier of call charges, businesses encourage customers to engage more frequently for inquiries, support, or feedback. This open line of communication is vital to nurturing customer relationships, understanding their needs, and quickly resolving any issues, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Establishes Local Presence for International Businesses

For international businesses, having a toll-free number in Norway is invaluable for establishing a local presence without a physical office. This approach allows companies to access the Norwegian market, offering local customers a convenient connection point while managing communications globally. Such a local yet global reach significantly boosts a brand's market penetration and recognition in Norway.

Strategic Asset for Global Reach and Brand Solidification

The strategic importance of Norway toll free numbers transcends free call convenience. They are essential for enhancing customer service, broadening global reach, and strengthening brand presence in the Norwegian market. For businesses aiming for growth in Norway's competitive landscape, a toll free number is a wise investment toward seamless, cost-effective communication.


Get Norway Toll Free Number: A Step-by-Step Guide

Obtaining and setting up a Norway toll free number is a straightforward process that can significantly enhance your business's communication capabilities.

Follow these steps to ensure a smooth setup:

Step 1: Choose Your Service Provider

  • Research: Start by researching reliable telecommunications service providers offering toll free numbers in Norway.
  • Considerations: Look for providers with a strong reputation, competitive pricing, and comprehensive customer support.
  • Selection: Choose a provider that best fits your business needs and budget. Providers like AVOXI are known for their extensive features and excellent customer service.

Step 2: Select Your Norway Toll Free Number

  • Availability: Check the availability of desired toll free numbers with your chosen provider.
  • Customization: To improve customer recall, consider selecting a number that's easy to remember or significant to your brand.

Step 3: Provide Necessary Information

  • Business Details: Fill out an application form with details about your business, such as name, size, and the nature of operations.
  • Geographic Targeting: Specify if you aim to target a particular area within Norway to ensure the number aligns with your business strategy.

Step 4: Decide on Configuration Settings

  • Call Flow Management: Configure your toll free number to manage call flows, set working hours, and integrate with your existing systems.
  • Advanced Features: Based on your business needs, choose additional features like call forwarding, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), voicemail, and call recording.

Step 5: Activate Your Toll Free Number

  • Finalize Setup: Once you've selected your number and configuration, finalize the setup with your provider.
  • Activation: Activation times can vary, but many providers offer quick or immediate activation so that you can use your toll-free number immediately.


Streamlining Communication with AVOXI: Your Gateway to Norway Toll Free Numbers

When buying a Norway toll-free number, selecting the right provider is as crucial as the number itself. AVOXI stands out as the premier choice for securing a Norway toll-free number. Renowned for its exceptional service, reliability, and comprehensive features, AVOXI ensures that businesses and individuals get the most out of their communication strategy in Norway.

AVOXI simplifies the process to buy Norway toll free number, making it accessible and hassle-free. Their platform offers a wide selection of numbers, enabling clients to choose one that aligns perfectly with their brand identity and communication needs.

Why choose AVOXI

  • Global Reach, Local Presence: AVOXI enables businesses to establish a presence in Norway without the need for a physical office, effortlessly bridging distances and fostering local connections.
  • Reliable Service: With robust infrastructure and 24/7 customer support, AVOXI guarantees uptime and reliability, ensuring your toll free number is always operational and your communications, uninterrupted.
  • Scalable Solutions: Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, AVOXI's scalable solutions grow with your business, adapting to your evolving communication needs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: AVOXI offers competitive pricing, ensuring you receive excellent value for your investment in a toll-free number without hidden fees or complex contracts.

Embarking on the journey to buy a Norway toll free number with AVOXI is a decision that promises a partnership geared towards enhancing your communication efficiency and customer satisfaction. It's an investment in fostering seamless interactions with your Norwegian audience, propelling your business toward greater heights.

Ready to establish your presence in Norway with a toll free number? Head over to AVOXI's online shopping cart to explore options and take the first step towards unparalleled communication success. With AVOXI, your connection to Norway is just a few clicks away.