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February 21, 2017

AVOXI Announces AVOXI Core Mobile Responsive Application

The AVOXI Core Online Portal’s increased mobility and accessibility means convenience, ease of use, and business continuity for its users.

Atlanta, Georgia -- February 21, 2017 -- AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) worldwide, announced the release of mobile functionality for the AVOXI Core Online Portal. The online portal, which allows users to manage their communications system from one location, is now accessible from any device: laptop, desktop, or mobile phone.

The latest in a series of updates and improvements, the AVOXI Core Online Portal’s mobile functionality allows users to configure every aspect of their phone system, including call forwarding rules, ring groups, and virtual attendant—all from a mobile device.

“When it comes to communications, we know that convenience and rapid accessibility are key,” said Barbara Dondiego, CMO. “We want to enable our customers to make quick changes to their accounts, whether they’re in the office or on the go.”

In addition to convenience and accessibility, the mobile app helps facilitate business continuity. Because call routing options can be adjusted from any device, AVOXI Core customers never have to worry about missed calls in the event of a holiday, an office closure, or even a power outage.

“The online portal’s enhanced mobile accessibility ensures that no matter what happens or when it happens, you have easy access to your phone system,” said David Wise, CEO and Founder. “It’s more than a feature or an app—it’s peace of mind.”

For more information about the AVOXI Core Cloud PBX platform or AVOXI’s global communications solutions for business, contact the AVOXI sales team at