AVOXI Expands Number Services for South Africa and Enhances Supporting Infrastructure

AVOXI’s service and infrastructure enhancements provide full telephony coverage in South Africa for local and global clients.

ATLANTA, GA– AVOXI, a leading provider of Communications as a Service (CaaS) worldwide, recently completed its service expansion in South Africa to add additional VoIP telephony interconnects, connectivity, and platform infrastructure. The upgrades advance AVOXI’s ability to provide full virtual phone number coverage for South African customers and partners.

AVOXI now offers South Africa services for international toll free, national and non-geographic, and local (DID/DDI) phone numbers to clients globally.The range of local virtual numbers available include:

  • Johannesburg: 011 and 010
  • Pretoria: 012
  • Durbin: 031
  • Cape Town: 021
  • Bloemfontein: 051

among its 26 available local dial codes. Additionally, non-geographic national phone numbers are available for both 086 and 087 dial codes. AVOXI also offers international toll free services from South Africa with 0800 numbers available for instant set up.

Plus, AVOXI provisions international porting service for all local numbers (DDI/DID). The South Africa team can port an existing local number for any of our 26 exchanges within 7 days with a copy of the existing phone bill.

Highly competitive packaged services are available through AVOXI’s online shopping cart or for customers, through AVOXI’s online portal. Custom packages are available by quote through the AVOXI sales team. In addition, AVOXI launched a new competitive offering for wholesale virtual number service that allows partners to leverage accessibility options available in AVOXI’s packages. AVOXI South Africa employees manage and maintain all services from our Johannesburg and Cape Town offices.

“We have operated in South Africa for over a decade. As a fully licensed carrier, we are excited to expand our services for global clients to support their coverage needs in South Africa,” stated David Wise, founder and CEO of AVOXI. “AVOXI is committed to providing more and more countries and cities within our Global Virtual Number Platform—helping our customers reach their customers with flexibility and control.”

All AVOXI clients purchasing South Africa virtual phone numbers gain access to the AVOXI Core Virtual Number Management Platform. The software allows customers to easily control and manage all their numbers around the world. The platform provides more than 20 advanced features such as call forwarding, global call conferencing, time of day routing, and more to help businesses manage their customer interactions. No hardware purchase is required. The platform allows AVOXI clients to use Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services as a standalone business phone system or to integrate over the top of their existing system.

For pricing on South Africa number packages, visit orders.avoxi.com or contact an account representative. For information on porting local numbers, contact the number porting team.