How Much Does an 0800 Number Cost?

how much does 0800 number cost


For over 18 years, AVOXI has helped companies around the world get the best 0800 number pricing where they may need service. Find the best cost of 0800 number plans in the UK, New Zealand, Netherlands, France and South Africa below. 0800 number cost information was last updated in November 2018.

Your 0800 Number Price Guide

How much does a 0800 number cost? This is a daily question asked by hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners around the world. But with so many providers and plans available, it can be hard to find the right option for your business. That’s why we created this easy to follow global 0800 number price guide! Questions we answer include:

  • What factors affect your overall monthly number cost?
  • Common mistakes businesses make when setting up a number service.
  • 0800 number cost comparisons from top providers in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France and South Africa.

What Factors Affect 0800 Number Costs?

The biggest cost influencing factors of a 0800 number include:

  • Call origination ( physical location of the caller).
  • Call termination location.
  • Anticipated monthly call volume.
  • Add-on costs for additional features or services.
  • Service provider.

1. Call Oringination

0800 number costs are made up of two main factors, call origination and call termination.  Call origination refers to the physical location of the caller, with per-minute call rates differing substantially between countries.

2. Call Termination

VoIP call termination, also known as voice termination is used to refer to the process of routing calls from one provider to another provider and then to the call recipient. Termination rates differ between countries, providers and are also based on the receiving phone or device. As virtual numbers operate over the internet, you can eliminate termination costs by forwarding calls to a VoIP or SIP address. This allows for cheaper, more reliable international calls. Termination rates differ between countries and providers

3. Call Volume

Top service providers offer 0800 numbers plans based on your anticipated monthly call traffic.  Bundled minute packages include bulk minutes upfront with reduced per minute rates on overage minutes.  The higher the bundled package the lower the overage rates.

4. Add-on Fees and Additional Charges

  • Add-on fees for basic call management feature such as time-of-day routing, outbound calling, custom caller-ID, basic virtual attendant.
  • Additional charges for outbound calls when you should only pay for call usage.
  • Setup costs and cancellation fees, look for a provider offering plans with no setup fees, minimum contracts periods, or cancellation fees. When comparing service providers, it’s important to review additional costs.
  • Number porting should not be a costly process, and you can actually get paid to transfer your toll free numbers to a new service.
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4. Service Provider

When comparing service providers it is important to partner with the right business.  It’s, therefore, advisable you partner with a reliable, established service provider that offers cost-effective number plans in your country of choice.  Things to consider when choosing the right virtual number provider include:

  • Overallmonthly spend  (monthly fees, inbound rates, forwarding rate, add-on fees).
  • Number coverage and established global carrier partnerships.
  • Voice call quality with MOS scores within industry standard.
  • Technical support and cover restrictions.
  • Global network reliability

0800 Number Cost Comparisons

Want to compare how much 0800 numbers cost from all the top service providers? Below, you'll find 0800 number price comparison from top providers in:

  • The United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Netherlands
  • France
  • South Africa

United Kingdom 0800 Number Costs

UK 0800 numbers are popular with businesses wanting to expand into the United Kingdom. Virtual numbers are now affordable for entrepreneurs and small to large businesses. The United Kingdom number system is regulated by Ofcom and 0800 numbers are portable. These numbers include coverage in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey, and the Channel Islands. Learn more about UK 800 numbers here.

Basic plans available as low as:

  • Telecoms World: $4.99
  • $19.00
  • Sonetel: $3.69
  • CallHippo: $11
  • AVOXI: $7.99

Advertised inbound price-per-minute

  • Telecoms World: $0.40
  • $0.082 - $0.105
  • Sonetel: $0.13
  • CallHippo: $0.061
  • AVOXI: $0.054 - $0.095

New Zealand 0800 Number Costs

NZ 0800 numbers are valuable marketing tools helping business both in New Zealand and around the world create a professional image. These popular virtual numbers are now affordable for entrepreneurs and small to large businesses. New Zealand numbers are regulated by the Commerce Commission of New Zealand and are fully portable to both domestic and international carriers. Learn more about setting up  New Zealand 0800 numbers here.

Basic plans available as low as:

  • eVoice: $11.50
  • Sonetel: $14.39
  • AVOXI: $25.99

Advertised inbound price per-minute:

  • eVoice: $0.66 to landline
  •$0.152 - $0.228
  • Sonetel: $0.33
  • AVOXI: $0.137 - $0.205

Netherlands 0800 Number Costs

Netherlands 0800 numbers are regulated by the Dutch Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority (which merged into the Authority for Consumer and Markets on April 1st, 2013). These numbers are fully portable to both local and international providers. Learn more about setting up 0800 numbers in the Netherlands here.

 Basic plans available as low as:

  • CallHippo: $50 + $20 setup fee
  • Sonetel: $7.49 + $225 setup fee
  • $19 
  • AVOXI: $16.99

 Advertised inbound price-per-minute:

  • Call Hippo: $0.27
  • Sonetel: $0.56
  • $0.202 - $0.313
  • AVOXI: $0.233 - $0.263

France 0800 Number Costs

The French numbering plan is used for metropolitan France and the French overseas departments. The French overseas departments, also known as DOMs are Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana and Réunion which are treated as part of the French numbering plan, with direct dialing for calls between the DOMs and metropolitan France. 0800 numbers in France are regulated by the telecommunication authority ARCEP, which operate similarly to the United States regulator Federal Communications Commission. Learn more about setting up 0800 numbers in France here.

Basic plans available as low as:

  • CallHippo: $10
  • $14
  • AVOXI: $12.49

Advertised inbound price-per-minute:

  • CallHippo: $0.325
  • AVOXI: $0.064 - $0.127

South Africa 0800 Number Costs

The South Africa numbering system is regulated by ICASA ( The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) who only allow geographic number porting. Toll free, 086 and 087 number porting is currently blocked by ICASA.  These virtual numbers are operated through SIP which connects via the internet instead of a traditional Telkom phone line.  Learn more about setting up 0800 numbers in South Africa here.

Basic plans available as low as:

  • Global Call Forwarding: $27.95
  • CallHippo: $40
  • TollFreeForwarding: $24
  • AVOXI: $21.49

Advertised inbound price-per-minute:

  • Global Call Forwarding: $0.083 - $0.108
  • CallHippo: $0.106
  • TollFreeForwarding: $0.96 - $0.141
  • AVOXI: $0.086 - $0.127

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