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Deadline Extended for 833 Toll Free Numbers

Deadline Extended for 833 Toll Free Numbers Banner

The FCC announced that the 833 toll free numbers offering will now open on June 3, 2017. That is the new date for availability of 833 toll free numbers. The extended deadline means that you have more time to select the toll free number you prefer and pre-order with select providers.

Why Choose 833 Toll Free Numbers?

The new 833 toll free number prefix opens up availability of vanity numbers. Vanity numbers allow you to customize your toll free number much like 1-800-FLOWERS. Easy to remember, vanity numbers have been in limited supply as toll free number prefixes like 800, 844, 877, and others have been around longer.

Demand for 833 toll free numbers is likely to be high as businesses compete to secure a specific vanity number. Many providers are accepting requests to reserve numbers with a plan to submit up to 2,000 unique numbers by a May 19th deadline. No confirmation of 833 toll free number selections will be available until after June 3.

How to Request an 833 Toll Free Number

Your provider can let you know if they have a process for reserving an 833 toll free number. AVOXI is now accepting requests until the deadline of 9 AM (EDT) on May 19, 2017.

To request your 833 toll free number, contact an AVOXI specialist. Once 833 toll free numbers are available (after June 3), you’ll continue to have an opportunity to request a specific number; however, availability may be limited.

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