Call Center Management: Metrics for Success

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A key customer of AVOXI uses our virtual call center software to manage its outsourced call center. Metrics derived from reports and call data drive business decisions regarding its call center functions for this industry leader in consumer electronics and security solutions.

Why the intense focus on metrics? A fundamental tenet of the company is its brand promise of Lifetime Support with free 24/7 customer service. That commitment requires adherence to specific quality assurance standards it monitors through AVOXI’s virtual call center solution, Smart Queue.

Challenges of Managing an Outsourced Call Center

The client outsources its call center but maintains oversight to gain visibility, ensure quality of service, and control costs. A number of features in Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center solution, enable the client to monitor call center activity and ensure quality standards are met.

The client generates reports at the queue level and agent level to track and monitor performance through activity data. Real time and historical, these reports help the client benchmark and manage expected outcomes about agent availability, number of average sessions, and time of average sessions.

Key Features:

  • Extended Call Recording
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Queue Management
  • Real Time and Historical Reporting

It's All in the Details

Using the quality assurance feature set, the client is able to determine how well agents adhere to select performance standards. Customized quality assurance evaluations serve to identify training gaps and highlight areas to address weaknesses. Along with other functions such as live call monitoring and call recordings, these metric-driven reports and evaluations provide detailed data for analysis of call center performance.

The client uses metrics based on the abandonment rate to help determine its efficiency and service level in adherence to its brand promise. And, this level of detail feeds into the overall cost analysis and price studies the client performs to drive decisions about growth and expansion.

The client’s highly valued commitment to provide exceptional customer service drives its deep data analysis for one of its key operations—call center management. Using Smart Queue, the client maintains visibility and access to call center management functions while realizing the benefits of an outsourced service.

To learn more about the client’s story, read the customer success story, Delivering on Brand Promise: Consumer Goods Company Drives Service Level Goals through Key Call Center Metrics.