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How Much Do Saudi Arabia Toll Free Numbers Cost?

These days, businesses are looking for more ways to conveniently and easily communication with their customers.  Because of this, a lot of them are choosing to utilize international toll free numbers.  Not only are these numbers free for your customers to call, they are a cost effective option for businesses of all sizes.

Since international toll free numbers are country-specific, many buyers have questions about how much they’ll have to spend on these numbers.  To help clear up any confusion, we’ll explore the specifics behind one number and answer, “how much do Saudi Arabia Toll Free numbers cost”?

How Much Do Saudi Arabia Toll Free Numbers Cost?

Saudi Arabia toll free numbers are one of the most widely requested toll free numbers on the market.  Because of this, there are numerous providers and plans offering this number.  Below, we’ll explore three of the most popular plans and the price you should expect to pay for them.

Toll Free Bundle Package

Saudi Arabia toll free numbers are popularly offered for a monthly fee paired along with a bundled set of calling minutes. That means that for the monthly price you pay, you’ll be provided with a set number of calling minutes that you can use with your new phone number.

The cost for this number paired with a small set of bundled minutes starts around $140.  The monthly price rises for larger packages. If your business requires a lot of calling minutes, the price can go as high as a a few thousand dollars.

Per-Minute Charge

Other providers offer their Saudi Arabia toll free numbers for a monthly cost and then charge you separately for each calling minute you use.  This plan allows a business to use as many minutes as they need without worrying about going over their bundled minute packages.

The monthly cost for the number itself averages around $20 a month.  But keep in mind, you’ll need to budget for the cost of the calling minutes you’ll use with this number.  The cost per minute is typically only costs a few cents, but it varies depending on your provider and the originating and terminating charges associated with each of your calls.

Toll Free Number With a Cloud PBX

One of the most popular ways that Saudi Arabia toll free numbers are offered is for a monthly cost paired with a cloud PBX.  A cloud PBX gives your phone number the functionality of an on-site business phone system without the hardware and price tag.  Plus, you'll have access to a number of features, including time of day routing and call recording.

The monthly cost for a Saudi Arabia toll free number with this type of plan averages around $25 a month. Keep in mind, like the plan above, you’ll then have to account for the per minute cost for each of your calls.

Because of their popularity, Saudi Arabia toll free numbers are available with a variety of different plans.  Make sure you fully understand your calling needs and requirements in order to choose the best plan and provider for your individual situation.