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Seven Benefits of Call Center Scripts

As a provider of some of the most effective, yet affordable call center software anywhere, we are all about effective features like call center scripts. When your customers think of call center scripts, they usually think of your agents reading from a piece of paper or their screen and giving everyone the same repetitive answers. This seems artificial, and can leave your customers feeling like they are not being truly heard on their specific issues.

Despite the bad reputation that call center scripts seem to have with both agents and customers, they can be a helpful tool - but, only if they are used wisely. A well-crafted contact center script can help your agents create meaningful conversations, both from a customer service and a sales perspective.

Below, we've listed 7 of the top benefits of using contact center scripts, and some of our best tips for creating scripts that help improve customer satisfaction.

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Benefits of Using Call Center Scripts

When you incorporate standard call center scripts into your processes, you can:

1. Avoid Human Error

A call script that your agents can reference serves to remind your contact center agents of the processes you have in place.

2. Promote Consistency

A call center script ensures that your customers will get the same response when they call in with an issue, no matter which agent picks up the phone. This level of consistency is important, since you want to ensure that all of your customers have a similar experience with your company and brand.

3. Increase Agent Confidence

When your contact center agents know that they can rely on a script as a guide on how to handle customer issues, they will spend more time listening to the customer, rather than worrying about how to handle a particular inquiry.

4. Reduce Training Time

Because your call center agents can use call center scripts to learn your processes on the job and keep the script as a guide, they won't have to spend as much time in training sessions.

If used wisely, call scripting can also help reduce agent turnover. With a contact center script as a guide, your agents won't feel pressured to learn all of your processes and be able to recite them back to you and the customer.

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction & Call Center Performance

By reviewing how your top performing agents handle your calls, you can incorporate some of their best practices into your call center scripts and teach lower performing agents on how to increase their performance. This will increase your customer satisfaction as your customers will start receiving a higher lever of service.

6. Maintain Compliance

In certain instances, you need to ensure that your call center agents are reading an exact script for legal requirements.  This is more along the lines of the typical customer perception of what contact center scripting is, so it is something that you should use sparingly and only to stay compliant with regulations.

7. Integrate Your Systems

Call scripting is easy to integrate with your hosted PBX system and your IVR system so that your agents can easily access customer information and respond to the specific customer needs accordingly.

As a call center manager, you can use call center scripts to get rid of your customers' perception of this tool. The easiest way to do this is by using call scripting intelligently to increase your customer satisfaction.


How to Use Call Center Scripts Effectively

Here are some of our best tips for creating and using call center scripts to improve customer satisfaction:

Use Real Customer Interactions to Craft a Quality Script

The best contact center scripts feel and sound natural to both customers and agents. We recommend using some of your existing virtual call center software tools, like call recording and live call monitoring, to better understand your most common customer questions and how to handle them.

Refresh Your Scripts Often

As you monitor trends in customer questions and general levels of customer satisfaction, it is important to update your call center scripts accordingly.

Never Interrupt a Customer

No matter what the script says, your agents should remember that customers always come first. Be sure to listen carefully and allow the customer to explain his or her problem fully before going straight back to the script.

Know When to Ditch the Script

Call center scripts are a great guide, but it's even more important to ensure that your customers feel like you are truly listening and understanding their needs. Don't be afraid to re-phrase, rearrange, or even ditch the script when necessary.