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Australia Toll Free Numbers for Business

Australia toll free numbers are 1800 numbers that allow callers to reach your business without being charged. Manage your 1800 numbers from AVOXI's intuitive interface or route toll free calls through your existing phone system.

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Find the Perfect 1800 Number for Your Business

More than just a toll free service provider, AVOXI delivers all the business phone services you need. Available number types in Australia include:

  • Toll Free: Professional-looking 1800 numbers that are free for callers to dial.
  • National: Numbers made to be reachable from all of Australia at the same price anywhere in the country as a local phone call.
  • Local DID: Phone numbers with city-specific dial-codes. Phone numbers labeled "TrueLocal" ensures your local caller ID displays during outbound calls.
  • Mobile SMS: Just like local numbers, but enabled for text messaging.

Experience the Toll Free Phone Network That’s Built Different

  • Secure Call Encryption

    Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption ensures the highest level of security.

  • 24/7 Toll Fraud Monitoring

    Keep fraudsters far away with 24/7 network monitoring and algorithms triggering real time alerts of suspicious call traffic.

  • Tier 1 Network Connections

    Local area dialing options across North America, with a multi-carrier approach for best in class service and options.

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)

    Receive the best connection and quality across Australia with Toll Free Least Cost Routing.


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Reviews from Our Customers

Don't just take our word for it. See why thousands of businesses rely on AVOXI as their toll free service provider.

As someone working for a Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) company, Avoxi has been a good partner on every stage of the project, since the initial onboarding to their support and Account Managers team. Highly recommended if you need voice solutions worldwide.

Oscar Orozco
Carrier Operations Engineer

AVOXI has helped us to grow our business across the globe. As we expand into new countries, we just get a new number from AVOXI. They make it simple and cost effective. Service is amazing. We highly recommend using them.

Brad Taylor
Executive / Owner

Great DID services. Very broad coverage with instant activation for most countries we need. Sound quality is high grade and prices are fair to use.

Ami Shalmon

AVOXI has a comprehensive system that allows for all your call center needs. Easy to work with, support is great. Great rapport with the product managers and support team to fix opportunities and create new innovations.

Vito Vicario
Software Implementation Administrator

How to Buy 1800 Numbers in Australia

AVOXI makes it easy and affordable to buy 1800 numbers in Australia and around the world.
Set up your toll free numbers in four easy steps!


Choose Your Phone Line

Choose your new toll free number in the online shopping cart. You may also select local and non-geographic phone numbers from 170+ countries, or port toll free numbers you already own to AVOXI.


Assign Toll Free Forwarding Rules

After purchasing your Australian 1800 numbers online, you'll receive an email with your login information and introduction to the platform. Log in to begin configuring forwarding rules, IVR menus, manage numbers and self-service your account.


Download AVOXI Apps

Browse our optional applications like click-to-call (for softphone users) and mobile app so you can make and take calls from home, the office, anywhere!


Start Connecting with Customers!

Enjoy crystal-clear voice services in Australia and beyond! One of our voice experts will reach out to confirm your account and ensure your service is set up for your specific preferences. 

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Australia 1800 Number FAQ

With AVOXI, Australia toll free phone number costs depend on your expected call volume. The more calls you expect, the lower your average call costs will be. Pay-per-minute plans are available starting at $7.99 per month.

When you purchase an Australia toll free number in the online shopping cart, your new business number is set up and activated within 30 minutes or less. If your business email does not match your listed company, an AVOXI expert may reach out to confirm your account details before unblocking the number.

Yes. To look up 1800 number availability, complete the short search form!

To use our services with existing toll free numbers in Australia, simply transfer your toll free numbers to our network. Have high call volumes? You may be eligible to get paid for porting to AVOXI!

There are no special documentation requirements to get 1800 numbers in Australia.

AVOXI isn’t just the best provider of toll free numbers in Australia. Popular business phone solutions from AVOXI include International Virtual Numbers, Virtual Contact Centers, and Global SIP Trunking.

Learn More About the Most Reliable 1800 Number Provider in Australia!

Still have questions about how our toll free services work? We’re here to help! Chat with an AVOXI expert today.

Elevate Your Customer Service with an Australia Toll Free Number

In the heart of Australia's business landscape, the Australia toll free number emerges as a beacon of connectivity, allowing customers to reach businesses without worrying about incurring call charges. This communication tool is designed to foster a customer-centric approach, enabling seamless interaction between companies and their clientele across the vast expanse of Australia.

The format of an Australia toll free number typically starts with 1800, followed by a unique six-digit sequence. This recognizable format ensures that customers can easily identify and remember these numbers, making it more likely for them to initiate contact.

For businesses, the strategic deployment of a toll free number Australia is synonymous with building a trustworthy and accessible brand image. It signifies to customers that a company values their engagement and is willing to facilitate it by absorbing the cost of calls.

The importance of utilizing an Australia toll free number extends beyond mere customer convenience. It is a powerful marketing tool, enabling businesses to expand their reach, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth. By offering a direct and cost-free line of communication, companies can increase their accessibility to current and potential customers, encouraging more frequent interactions and fostering a loyal customer base.


Navigating the Landscape: Different Types of Australia Toll Free Numbers

Australia's telecommunication environment offers a variety of toll-free number formats, each designed to meet specific business needs and customer preferences. Understanding the different types of Australia toll free numbers is essential for businesses aiming to enhance their reach and accessibility.

One prominent category within the toll free numbers is the widely recognized 1300 format. Often referred to as 'local call numbers', the Australia toll free number 1300 allows businesses to present a local presence to their clients nationwide. Calls to these numbers are charged at a local rate, regardless of the caller's location, making them an affordable option for customers and businesses.

The standard Australia toll free number format begins with the 1300 or 1800 prefix, followed by a unique six-digit number. For example, an Australia toll free number example in the 1300 format would appear as 1300 XXX XXX. This structure is easy for customers to recognize and remember, crucial for effective marketing and customer service strategies.

In addition to the 1300 numbers, Australia offers the 1800 series, which provides callers with free calls, with businesses bearing the total cost of communication. This format is particularly beneficial for enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging more extensive customer interaction due to the absence of calling charges.

These different types of Australia toll free numbers cater to various business models and customer engagement strategies. While 1300 numbers balance cost-effectiveness with nationwide accessibility, 1800 numbers prioritize customer convenience by offering a completely free calling experience.

Choosing the right toll-free number depends on a business's specific needs and goals and the preferences of its target customer base. By leveraging these toll-free options, companies can significantly improve their communication channels, making it easier for customers to connect with them.


Step-by-Step Guide to Acquiring an Australia Toll Free Number

Securing an Australia toll-free number is a strategic move for businesses looking to enhance customer service and expand their reach within the Australian market. Obtaining one is straightforward, and several options are available to suit different business needs.

Here’s how to buy an Australia toll free number, ensuring your business is accessible to clients at no extra charge.

1. Identify Your Requirements

Before reaching out to an Australia toll free number provider, define your business needs. Consider factors such as the volume of expected calls, specific features you might need like call forwarding or analytics, and your budget. This will help you choose the most suitable toll free number and service package.

2. Research Providers

Numerous telecom companies offer toll free numbers in Australia. Conduct thorough research to identify providers that not only offer competitive pricing but also reliability, quality customer service, and the features that align with your business goals.

3. Select Your Number

Once you've chosen an Australia toll free number provider, the next step is to select your toll free number. Providers typically have a list of available numbers from which you can choose. Some businesses prefer numbers that are easily remembered or spell out something relevant.

4. Set Up Your Service

After selecting your number, you will need to set up your service. This involves configuring any additional features your business may require. Your provider will guide you through this process to ensure your toll free number is tailored to meet your business needs.

5. Activation

Once setup is complete, your toll free number will be activated. The timeframe for activation can vary, so it’s important to check with your provider.

6. Test Your Number

After activation, test your new Australia toll free number to ensure everything works as expected. Make test calls from different phones and locations to confirm the number is operational and the call quality meets your standards.

To get Australia toll free number is to invest in your business’s accessibility and customer satisfaction. While the process might seem daunting initially, following these steps will help ensure a smooth setup, allowing you to focus on connecting with your customers and growing your business.


How to Reach Australia Toll Free Numbers from Abroad

Making contact with Australia toll free numbers from international locations enables seamless interaction with businesses down under, irrespective of the global distance.

This guide details the procedure for international callers how to call Australia toll free number overseas, catering to individuals and businesses from India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Canada.

How to Call Australia Toll Free Number from India

Initiating a call to an Australia toll free number from India requires dialing the international access code "00", followed by Australia's country code "61", and the toll free prefix "1800" with the rest of the number. Hence, the dialling sequence is: 00-61-1800-XXX-XXX.

How to Call Australia Toll Free Number from Malaysia

When calling from Malaysia, the process starts with the international dialing code "00", followed by "61" for Australia, and the toll free number. The complete dialling format mirrors the Indian procedure: 00-61-1800-XXX-XXX.

How to Call Australia Toll Free Number from Singapore

For those in Singapore wishing to contact an Australian toll free number, begin with "001" as the international dialing code, add "61" for Australia, and then enter the toll free number. The correct format is: 001-61-1800-XXX-XXX.

How to Call Australia Toll Free Number from Canada

Canadians looking to reach out to an Australia toll free number should start with the international dialing code "011", followed by Australia's country code "61", and then the toll free number. The dialling pattern follows: 011-61-1800-XXX-XXX.

While toll free numbers are typically free to call for the caller, international attempts to connect to Australian toll free numbers might face restrictions or incur costs, depending on the policies of the caller’s service provider and the configuration of the toll free number by the Australian company. It’s advised to consult with your telecom provider regarding international calls to Australia toll free numbers to ensure connectivity and to avoid unexpected fees.


Securing Your Business Connection: Buy Australia Toll Free Number with AVOXI

In today’s competitive business environment, having an Australia toll free number is more than a convenience — it’s necessary. For businesses aiming to establish a strong presence in Australia, choosing the right provider to buy Australia toll free number from is crucial. AVOXI stands out as the premier choice, offering unparalleled service and reliability that can transform how you connect with your customers.

AVOXI excels in the telecom industry by providing an effortless and efficient platform to buy toll free number online. With an intuitive online shopping cart, AVOXI makes acquiring an Australia toll free number seamless and straightforward. Here’s why AVOXI should be your go-to provider:

Ease of Purchase: AVOXI’s online platform simplifies the selection and purchase of Australia toll free numbers. With just a few clicks, you can browse available numbers, select the one that best suits your business needs, and complete your purchase without ever needing to pick up the phone.
Comprehensive Features: Beyond just offering toll free numbers, AVOXI provides a suite of features designed to enhance your business communications. From call forwarding and recording to analytics and IVR options, AVOXI equips your business with the tools it needs to succeed.
Global Reach, Local Presence: AVOXI understands the importance of both global connectivity and local presence. Their Australia toll free numbers ensure your business can reach customers across Australia, offering them a free and easy way to connect, while also allowing your global team to manage calls from anywhere. For businesses looking to establish a global presence, dialing Australia toll free numbers internationally through AVOXI ensures that your overseas clients can reach you effortlessly.
Reliable Support: With AVOXI, you’re not just getting a toll free number; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to your communication success. Their reliable customer support and technical assistance mean you’re always covered, ensuring your toll free service runs smoothly.

Ready to elevate your business communications and expand your presence in Australia? Visit AVOXI’s online shopping cart today to explore their selection and buy Australia toll free number effortlessly. Choose AVOXI and take a significant step towards building a more connected, customer-centric business.