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Get Greece Toll Free Numbers for Business

Customers in Greece call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world. 

Customers in Greece call you toll free. Forward calls to any device, anywhere in the world.

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Establish a Local Presence in Greece

Greece Toll Free Numbers start with 00 800 CCC followed by either eight or nine digits. The International Toll Free Service (ITFS) is formatted in the following ways:

  • 00 800 CCC XXXX XXXXX
  • 00 800 CCC XXXX XXXX

Toll free numbers in Greece can be diverted to any landline, cell phone or IP address. Also, these numbers allow your business to advertise a number that is free for your customers to call. Greek toll free numbers are inexpensive to set up and service and they are a more cost-effective option than opening an office in Greece and taking on additional staff.

Who Can Call My Greece Number?

Greece toll free numbers are only accessible from the OTE Globe Network. Greece ITFS includes all of the Greek islands.

There is no mobile access surcharge for toll free numbers in Greece.

Calling and Doing Business in Greece

Greece toll free numbers are international toll free phone numbers (ITFS) that your Greek clients can utilize to call you toll free. Their calls can be forwarded to your mobile number, any land line, or your office.

There are major business centers in the large cities including Athens, Thessaloniki, and Piraeus. In Greece the most common date format is dd/mm/yy. On your own business trip to Greece take note that you’ll be driving on the right. The official language is Greek. The populace of Greece is 10.8 million. The calling code for Greece bridges to UTC 3 from UTC 2. Greece uses the Euro as its official currency.

About Greece

Greece FlagGreece is located in the northern & eastern hemisphere and is officially named the Hellenic Republic. Greece occupies a peninsula and many small islands in Southeastern Europe. The largest city and capital of Greece is Athens located at 38.3228° N, 22.2592° E. In Greece, the climate is primarily Mediterranean, featuring mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. Greece’s main industrial sectors are tourism, shipping, tobacco, food processing and textiles.



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Availability of Local DID Numbers for Greece

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in the following cities in Greece.

  • Athens

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