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Establish a Local Presence in Thailand

Thailand is a newly industrialized economy and thus, is a destination of interest for companies looking to expand their business. Many companies think they need to be located in Thailand to truly break into the market there. But with Thailand toll free numbers, that’s not the case.

A Thailand toll free phone number helps your business establish a local presence in the region because they’re formatted to appear local to callers. These virtual phone numbers are unique because they’re also free for this market to call, making them an excellent marketing tool for growing businesses.

Thailand toll free phone numbers from AVOXI are supported by an easy-to-use, web-based control panel. This means you can use this phone number and manage its essential features, like international call forwarding, anywhere you have access to the Internet. This means you can easily manage this system and the calls taking place on it nearly anywhere in the world.

Who Can Call My Thailand Number?

International toll free numbers are country-specific; because of this, they each have their own set of rules regarding accessibility and restrictions.

Thailand toll free numbers are accessible from mobile networks with international direct dialing (IDD) activated. However, there is no international toll free service available from payphones in Thailand.

Calling and Doing Business in Thailand

Thailand is an export-heavy economy, with exports making up more than two-thirds of its GDP. It’s also a tourism-heavy country, making up 6% of its overall industries. For these and many other reasons, businesses are flocking to Thailand to break into the market.

A Thailand toll free number is an important tool for your company because it allows you to easily market to and communicate with the audience there. These phone numbers are not only formatted to appear local, they’re formatted in a way that callers know they’re toll free to call.

About Thailand

Thailand Flag

Industry and service sectors are the main contributors to Thailand’s economic growth. Agriculture also plays a part, making up nearly 9% of its GDP. If you’re planning to market to prospects within a specific region in Thailand, consider one of many large business focused cities such as Bangkok, Korat or Udon Thani.

Thailand’s largest city and capital is Bangkok. The largest agricultural contributors are tobacco and beverage processing. Because of its location in the northern and eastern hemispheres, the climate in Thailand is warm and tropical.

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Availability of Local DID Numbers for Thailand

Local virtual numbers (DID or DDI Numbers) are available in the following cities in Thailand.

No cities with local number availability found.

We add new cities regularly—contact an AVOXI representative for the latest list.

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