Voicemail to Email

Access voicemails from your business email with voicemail to email.

Unified Messaging: Voicemail to Email

Available with the AVOXI Core Cloud PBX phone system, the Voicemail to Email feature delivers voicemail messages directly to your inbox. You get an instant email notification with the audio file attached every time you receive a voicemail. You can listen to your voicemail without calling your voicemail box or logging into the AVOXI Core Portal. The ability to stay connected gives you and your employees greater flexibility especially if you are working remotely or are out of the office.

Feature Highlights

  • Instant notifications of important messages
  • Stay on top of your messages without logging into Portal
  • Improved voicemail message response times

Setting Up Voicemail to Email

If you are just getting started with AVOXI, our installation engineers will set up this voicemail feature for you. But, if you decide to change your settings later, you can do so through the AVOXI Core User Portal. Simply navigate to the phone number or extension that you wish to edit, and select External E-mail. You can even choose how you would like the voicemail forwarded.

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