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Call Continuity for Business

When disaster strikes, your business needs to be prepared. Whether you’re experiencing a minor power outage or your office is in the path of a major storm, it’s essential that your operations continue with minimal interruption. Regardless of your industry, your business can benefit from modern Cloud technology in situations like this. In this article we’ll explore the functionality of a Cloud based phone system along with the features that encompass and enable aspects such as call continuity into your business disaster recovery plan.

Why is Disaster Recovery So Important?

Regardless of what type of interruption your business may be experiencing, your customers expect you to be indestructible and available for them at all times.

It’s also important because your success as a company relies on your ability to operate your business. If you’re offline for an extended period of time, your sales may be impacted.

Your employees are also important in times of a disaster. If their work schedule is interrupted or they’re unable to get to the office due to circumstances beyond their control, their paycheck and morale may be impacted.

Run Your Business Remotely with the Cloud

The best thing about a Cloud based phone system is that it’s completely accessible over the Internet. That means not only can you remotely run your business almost anywhere, it means your employees can work remotely too if they ever need to. This is useful because your business will never have to be offline due to a disaster at your office location.

Call Continuity: Reroute Your Customers with Call Forwarding

Call forwarding is an important phone system tool when it comes to a disaster and sets up your plan for call continuity. If your office location is impacted, you won’t be able to utilize the phones there. With call forwarding, all incoming customer calls can be forwarded to a different phone. This means you can take your calls on the road and make sure you’re able to service all of your customers in an efficient manner.

Your Information Is Safe in the Cloud

Like we mentioned above, a Cloud based phone system works by hosting your entire system over the Internet. Not only does this mean you can access your phone system anywhere, it means that all the information necessary to your system is saved in the Cloud too. You can rest easy knowing all customer files and business orders are secure in the event of a disaster.

Inform Your Customers with an IVR

If you’re experiencing downtime due to a disaster, you’ll want to inform your customers of any inconvenience they might be impacted by. Customizing your IVR/Auto Attendant message is an easy way to do this. Simply access this feature and customize it with a message that’s applicable to the situation your business is experiencing.

With a Cloud based system, you can rest easier knowing your business operations can minimize the impact of a minor or major disaster. With your information secure and accessible over the Internet and because you have the ability to remotely operate your company, a Cloud based phone system is an obvious choice for all types of businesses.