New Feature: Blacklisting



Are you tired of spending money on unwanted calls from bots, telemarketers, and spam callers? Wish there was a way to block these calls and protect your agents’ valuable time?

With Smart Queue, AVOXI’s virtual call center software solution, you can prevent unwanted callers from contacting your call center with blacklisting. The blacklist feature, which is sometimes called inbound call blocking, allows you to create a blacklist of phone numbers that are blocked from reaching your company.

How Blacklisting Works

Smart Queue allows call center supervisors to add phone numbers to a blacklist in real time. Any number you add to the blacklist is immediately blocked from reaching your call center.

Just log into Smart Queue, and visit your Settings panel. Add the number to the Known Numbers list, and mark it as Blacklisted.

Known Numbers Menu: Blacklisting Option


And that’s it! With just a few clicks, you can say goodbye to spam callers, increase agent productivity, and save your call center money on wasted minutes.

Blacklist Feature Benefits

Blacklisting is a simple call center software feature, but it yields great benefits for your call center, including:

Enhanced Agent Productivity

We all know that time is money - especially for your call center agents. Every second that an agent spends on the phone with a pushy telemarketer or spam caller is time that should be spent on your customers.

Blacklisting shields your agents from these unwanted calls and provides them with more time to spend on what counts: your business.

Cost Savings on Minutes

Minutes spent on unwanted calls add up fast. Spam calls take up agent time, and the minutes themselves cost your call center money.

The phone numbers that you add to your blacklist are immediately blocked from reaching your call center, so you don’t have to spend money on wasted minutes.

Decreased Average Wait Time

Your agents aren’t the only ones who suffer when it comes to unwanted calls. If your call queue is filled with spam callers, bots, and other unqualified contacts, your average wait time increases.

Ensure that your customers are routed to an agent as quickly as possible by blocking unwanted calls from your call center.

Learn More About Blacklisting

Learn how Smart Queue’s blacklisting and VIP caller features can improve your call center’s performance. Schedule a demo with one of our virtual contact center specialists today.